qTest Manager 9.9.2+ OnDemand Release Notes

Manager 9.9.4 February 13, 2020

qTest and Tosca Integration Enhancements

Test Cases

Previously, Test Cases created in qTest were not marked as Tosca Test Cases, when created via these methods:

  1. When qTest tests get created via the Jenkins integration option.
  2. When qTest tests get created via the Universal Agent / Automation Host option.
  3. When tests are converted from Tosca > qTest.
  4. When qTest test gest created via the create test case API.

The following API's are enhanced to handle the optional values for a Tosca Test Case UniqueID and a Tosca Test Case Node Path:

Note: A Tosca Test Case GUID equates to one qTest Test Case. 

  • In qTest, if you delete a Tosca TestCase directly, or via the parent module, the link between the Tosca and qTest Test Case is removed within qTest Manager.
  • In qTest, if you restore a Tosca Test Case directly, or via the parent module, the restored Test Case becomes an orphaned Tosca Test Case in qTest Manager with no link between its qTest ID and the Tosca Test Case GUID.


The Create a Module API provides 2 new properties to submit the optional values of a Tosca Folder GUID and Tosca Folder Node Path: 

Note: A Tosca Folder UniqueID equates to one qTest Module. 

  • In qTest, if you delete a Tosca Module directly, or via the parent module, the link between the Tosca and qTest Module is removed within qTest Manager.
  • In qTest, if you restore a Tosca Module directly, or via the parent module, then the restored Module becomes a qTest native Module without any link to the Tosca Folder GUID.  


Manager 9.9.3-1 February 5, 2020

PIR-159: The Submit Test Log API fix for ticket #34703, impacted the updateProjectModule method by calling itself and causing StackOverflow exceptions. The Submit Test Log API v3.0 and v3.1 only calls this method when having module updates, but the CI API calls it every time the CI API runs. 
We have updated the CI API to resolve this issue.

Manager 9.9.3 January 16, 2020

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket #  Component  Description
33565 Site Fields/
Test Case

Previously, users were unable to save a Test Case when System Site Fields, that were not marked as required fields, did not contain a value. This is now resolved.

34092   Test Execution Reports

Users adding attachments to Test Steps with a file name that contained a long dash were unable to open the Test Run Detail report with the Test Step Attachment column due to the long dash in the attachment name. This is now resolved. 

33853 API

The Create Test Run and Update Test Run APIs would not allow users to set the Assignee field to empty "". This is now resolved. 

34722 API

Some users experienced issues when using the GET Test Runs API when using a Release ID that contained more than 32k Test Runs.  

34703 API

When using the Submit Automation Test Logs API some users experiencing intermittent failure issues. This is fixed. 

34525 Test Design

An issue is now fixed that caused performance issues when performing the following actions that included Called Test Cases:

  • Loading a Test Case with called Test Case(s) in Test Step.
  • Loading a Test Run created from a Test Case with Called Test Case(s) in Test Step.
34865 Test Design

Some users were unable to search for a Requirement by PID but able to search for the Requirement by name when attempting to link a Requirement to a Test Case from within Test Design. This has been resolved.

Manager 9.9.2 January 02, 2020

Data Query Results Updated

When running Data Query results through Test Design and the query results return with:

  • Less than 10k test cases, you can sort by any system or custom field.
  • More than or equal to 10k test cases, you can sort the Query Result grid by most system fields.
  • More than or equal to 10k test cases, you cannot sort by any custom field and will receive a new warning message: 
    • "Sorting is disabled for more than 10k objects. Please revise the query to reduce the number of objects."
    • The Query Result will automatically be sorted by the currently sorted column.

Sorting occurs at the top of the column of the data query results. 

Known Limitation

Due to the complexity of the data query when there are more than 10k test cases, the following system fields cannot be sorted:

  • Requirements
  • AssignTo
  • Attachments
  • TestStep
  • Subscriber

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket #  Component  Description
31099 APIs

When users retrieve Test Cases using a query based on a date, the response is paginated but not consistently or predictably. This has been fixed.

 32567  Test Design

When copying/pasting text into the precondition field of a Test Case, the history tab does not display the correct change. It displays a change was made to both the Pre-Condition field and the Description field. However, there was no change made to the Description field. This has been fixed.

33792 TestPad

When users entered data in the following ways, Actual Results were not saving correctly:

  • Copy/Paste from Actual Results in another step of the same test run, using right-click to select "Copy" and "Paste as plain text"
  • Copy/Paste from Notepad, using right-click to select "Copy" and "Paste"

This has been fixed.

34900 Email Notifications

The verbiage for the Project Admin email that customers receive when they are made the Project Admin for a project has been updated.

"All permissions on this project has been granted to you as a result."


"All permissions on this project have been granted to you as a result."


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