qTest Manager 9.8.2 + Release Notes

Manager 9.8.3 October 16, 2019

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket #  Component  Description


JIRA Integration When selecting the Retrieve JIRA Data button on the JIRA Integration > Requirements section, the manual sync would stall for some JIRA Server users. This is now resolved.


JIRA Integration The JIRA integration and qTest synchronization were not performing properly for many users. This is fixed.

33411, 33598

33406, 33407


Email Notification Many users received duplicate email notifications stating they had been assigned to a Project, or assigned to a Project as an Admin, when the users were previously assigned. This issue is now resolved. 
33094 Data Query The Data Query for JIRA fields were not updating as expected. This issue was related to the data sync with JIRA integration. This is now fixed. 


Manager 9.8.2 October 7, 2019

Bug Fixes and Improvements

The JIRA Requirements integration was not auto-linking properly in qTest. This is now fixed. Previously, some users experienced an issue with JIRA requirements already synced to qTest, when changes were made to the Fix Version/Sprint of a User Story in JIRA.

Ticket Component Description
23921 TestPad Notes added to an execution log, displayed the qTest servers timezone instead of the timezone associated with the PC. The timestamp displayed in the note was UTC. This is now fixed.

31327, 31908

31373, 33175


Test Execution  Exported reports for Test Execution would not display all headers for the selected columns of the "Export Test Run Detail" feature. Additionally, after exporting, some of the previously selected fields would no longer be visible for selection again. This is resolved.
32588, 33264 Test Execution  Some users encountered an issue when attempting to export Test Run Details when a custom field was removed from the Test Run. This placed a null value in the selected columns for the report, which returned an error. This is now resolved. 
33222 Notifications Previously, notification settings were not saving properly when activating/deactivating. This is now fixed.
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