Insights 1.21.12 Q4 OnPremise Release Notes


Performance Enhancements

  • Ticket 29090: We have optimized the execution time of the Test Run Explore Data report.

Bug Fixes

Ticket Component Description
26773 Export There is no longer an issue with exporting reports in the Explore Data Test Run report.
28125, 30844, 26664 Dashboard There is no longer an issue with Dashboards disappearing. 
30046 Custom Charts, Embed Feature, Saved Reports We have resolved an issue with inconsistent Insights Graph Data due to timezone issues.
28161 Reports Planned Time is now present on Insights Reports when added on Test Execution.
28874 Requirements Data There is no longer a JSON parse error while generating Requirements Test Run Coverage
29445 Dashboards When renaming dashboards in "Manage Dashboard," the new name can now contain spaces.
29535 Embed Feature There is no longer an issue with embedded dashboards being blank on the initial load.
267769 Dashbaords The data segregation works normally within Insights Dashboards.
27081 Rapid Dashboard There is no longer an issue with the Rapid Dashboard URL getting created.
30820 Explore Data/ Test Run

The planned time for Test Runs with a status of "Unexecuted" now displays correct information.

31042 Dashboards Data now displays correctly in the Automation Execution Dashboard.
31081 Quality Analysis Information concerning configuration fields now displays correctly in the Quality Analysis Report.
31339 Explore Data/ Defects (Linked), Explore Data/ Test Run There are no longer discrepancies within the the Explore Data Defects (Linked) and Test Run Reports.
27575 Explore Data Changing the "Max Rows" value on a report from the default value of 500 to another selection no longer results in data not loading properly.
30844 Rapid Dashboard There is no longer a problem with Rapid Dashboards causing them to automatically update to an untitled dashboard without any charts.
30268 Saved Reports/ Schedule Dates in scheduled PDF reports are now successfully kept up to date.
31609 Embed Feature/ Explore Data There is no longer an issue that causes an Insights embed script to fail to generate chart images.
32048 Explore Data/ Test Run An issue has been fixed that caused Custom Field Data to not display properly in the Manager Combined Report.


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