JIRA Integration Troubleshooting: JIRA Performance Issues when Linking the JIRA Add-on Version 6.11.9 with qTest


There have been some instances of a linkage between qTest and the JIRA Add-on resulting in JIRA performance issues. This article provides background of the issue and a solution for working around this problem.


With the introduction of the JIRA Add-on version 6.11.9, we have incorporated two enhancements to mitigate the qTest and Jira connection drop issues:

  • Enhancement 1: If the JIRA Add-on is installed, but not configured on qTest Manager, the Add-on will stop pinging continuously, and will therefore eliminate the performance issue.
  • Enhancement 2: The Add-on will store the mapping of the qTest Integration Settings in JIRA properties to reduce the number of requests calling back to qTest when displaying the Test Execution iFrame in JIRA.

For enhancement 2, if it is not configured properly (e.g. incorrect permission of the user account), if qTest is crashing, this can result in increased connections and threads which leads to performance issues and possibly shutting down the JIRA server.

Troubleshooting the Issue

If you are experiencing performance issues with JIRA resulting from a qTest performance issue, consider the following:

  • Use the above mentioned mapping saved in JIRA properties. The account used in the connection set-up must have JIRA Administrator permissions.
  • If qTest crashes and leads the JIRA server to shut down as well, please ensure that the account used to set up the integration has JIRA Administrator permissions.
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