Pulse 9.3 OD Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements


The Pulse execution method is now refactored to use Hybrid instead of AWS Lambda. This update provides:

  • Outbound static IP's, for customers to whitelist requests from the Pulse IP addressed in their firewall. Previously, Pulse execution by AWS Lambda could not reach some customers' internal networks.
  • There is no longer a 6 Mb limitation for payloads as was the previous limitation using AWS Lambda.


Core NodeJS Modules Blacklisted

For security matters, all of the core NodeJS modules are blacklisted. If users try to add any core NodeJS modules in the action code, it will fail when running. Example: having the action code require ('<module_name>') 

Read this list of blacklisted core NodeJS <module_name> (s.)

Pulse users are now only allowed to use these modules:

  • request,
  • xml2js,
  • @qasymphony/pulse-sdk,
  • @qasymphony/scenario-sdk
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