Launch 1.5.3 OD Release Notes - August 08, 2019


Enhanced API

We have enhanced the API to support job cancelling in Automation Host.

Bug Fixes

Ticket # Component Description
30816  Parser

Fixed NUnit parser to cover the case where multiple test-suite tags are presented in the results


Homepage layout is broken on low resolution screen


Wrong dialog message when cancelling a DELETED job. This has been fixed


When all test runs associated with a job were deleted, the job detail view should change color of Schedule name from blue to red. The Result Folder should also change color from blue to red too.

Known Issues

When upgrading to Automation Host 2.3.1 from qTest Launch, you *might* encounter below issues:

  • The Automation Host does not start automatically even the old version has Auto Start option selected
  • The Agents from the old version disappeared in the new version

If this issue happens to you, please do the work around as followings:

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