Manager 9.7.1+ Release Notes

Manager 9.7.11 Sept 22, 2019

Bug Fixes 

Ticket Component Description
31469 qTest API There are no longer any issues related to inviting qTest users with SSO authentication via API's.
27637 JIRA Integration

qTest no longer allows linked non-bug JIRA issues to be created as Defects in qTest. Previously, there was an issue where users were able to link defects to any JIRA issue type regardless of what was configured in their Defect Integration settings. For instance, although Bug may have been the only JIRA issue type configured in the Defect Integration settings, users were still able to link to Task, Story, Epic, etc.

This behavior has since been corrected and only JIRA issues types that are configured in the Integration Settings can be linked/searched as a Defect in qTest.

30837 Test Execution There is no longer an incomplete scrolling issue within the Test Execution tab.
31928 qTest API The Search Comment API's pagination is no longer broken. 

Manager 9.7.10 Sept 11, 2019

Bug Fixes

Ticket #  Component  Description
31291 JIRA Plugin If a user renamed a FixVersion in JIRA, then both FixVersions would display in the Release drop-down within the Test Execution iFrame of the qTest JIRA Plugin. This is now resolved.
29876 API The Search API did not return results as expected when test steps contained HTML characters. This is fixed.

Manager 9.7.9 Sept 3, 2019

The qTest Manager SSO Service Provider certificate has been updated. If you are using SSO to login to qTest, you must follow the instructions in this guide before September 9, 2019 to update the SP metadata in your configured IdP.

In the event, you are unable to update your IdP before September 9, 2019, follow these instructions to bulk update your users to authenticate via qTest internal (username/password) from your current SSO authentication.

If you configured your IDP to pull SP metadata automatically, you will not be impacted by the certificate update. No action is required on your part to update your SSO IdP.

Manager 9.7.8 Aug 28, 2019

Bug Fixes

Ticket #  Component  Description



Audit Log When attempting to load and export the Audit Log in the Security tab no action would occur. This is now resolved.
27463 Test Log APIs When sending a POST request to the qTest V3 API /auto-test-logs URI the HTTP response for qTest 9.3.0 has differently formatted self relationship link URLs than version 9.5.3. This is resolved.


Manager 9.7.7 Aug 23, 2019

Bug Fixes

Ticket #  Component  Description
27965 Defect Summary An intermittent issue occurred when attempting to view the Defect Summary of a Release. If there were more than 50 defects in the list, the details would sometimes not appear. This is now resolved.
31179 Defect API Previously, Defect API pagination would not return the expected number of defects. This is fixed.

31270, 31488

31501, 31451

30734, 31548

31482, 31584

31525, 31295

31769, 31692

Test Steps When making amendments to Test Steps within Test Design, some users experienced not being able to save these Test Step changes when using Chrome v76. This is now fixed.


Manager 9.7.5 Aug 8, 2019

Bug Fixes

Ticket # Component Description
29892 API

Previously, Site Field names were missing from the Test Suite API response. This is now resolved. 

29551 SSO SSO now works as expected when using with an existing SSO session. Previously, some users experienced a lock-out, after attempting multiple logins with username/password authentication. This occurred when users were not notified in advance to utilize organizational SSO enablement. 


Manager 9.7.4 Aug 2, 2019

Bug Fixes

Ticket #  Component  Description
27884 Site fields There is no longer an issue with adding a new site field to an existing template.
30306 Test Runs Users can now run Test Runs regardless of whether those Test Runs are shared and derived from a Test Case in a project that the user does not have permission to access.
29082 Site Fields Template When viewing a Site Field Template, and navigating between the object types, not all fields displayed. This is now fixed.

Manager 9.7.3 July 30, 2019


Improved Usability With Jira Requirements and Release Progress Dialogues

Users are now able to close the "Retrieve Jira Requirements" and "Retrieve Jira Release Progress" dialogues. The Jira Issues Objects will still synch to qTest Manager in the background. 

Improvements in Test Run Detail Reporting

 In the Test Run dialog, users are able to add attachments to their Test Step Logs. These attachments will be included exported Excel files. 

Bug Fixes

Ticket #  Component  Description
29977 Integration Settings Users received an "Error" message when adding requirement types in their Integration Settings. This has now been resolved. 

Manager 9.7.2-1 July 22, 2019

Bug Fixes

Ticket # Component Description
Resources page We have downgraded OAuth2 for Spring Security to version 2.0.7. This remediates the issue with users receiving an Oops error when accessing the Resources page.

Manager 9.7.2 July 22, 2019

New Features and Enhancements

Next-Gen Jira Compatibility

You can now retrieve Sprints from Next-Gen Jira Projects and have them populate as Releases in qTest Manager.

Bug Fixes

Ticket # Component Description
30182 Login qTest now accepts email addresses with the ' character.
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