Insights OnPremise Release Notes: July 2019

Enhancements and New Features

New VersionOne Fields in Explore Data

There are two new Explore Data Fields that will populate in both the Manager Combined/VersionOne and the Defects (external)/ VersionOne sections of Explore Data:

  • V1 Project Begin Date
  • V1 Project End Date

Manager Combined Reports with VersionOne Data

You can now create Manager Combined Reports using VersionOne data. For more information on Manager Combined Reports, refer to this article.

Note: All of the VersionOne fields will, by default, not be selected when you first open the Manager combined report. You will need to select the fields yourself if you want to include them in your report.

VersionOne Data in the Explore Data Defects (External) Section

VersionOne data can now be reported on from within the Explore Data Defects (External) section.


There have been four VersionOne fields added:

  • V1 Project (Standard Field)
  • Severity (Custom Field)
    • Note: Only users who have defined a VersionOne Custom Field "Severity" will see the "Severity" field populate in Explore Data.
  • V1 Project Begin Date
  • V1 Project End Date

New "Release Date" Standard Fields in Explore Data

Both the "qTest Release Start Date" and the "qTest Release End Date" standard fields have been added to the following Explore Data sections:

  • Requirements
  • Test Runs
  • Test Run Logs
  • Manager Combined

These additions allow you to report on the standard "Release Date" fields across all reports within Explore Data.

New Canned Reports

Insights 1.21.9 OP offers five new Dashboard Gallery Panels:

  • Test Execution Latest Result
  • Test Case Status by Project
  • Defect Status by Project
  • Defect (qTest) by Priority by Project
  • Defect (qTest) by Impact

Security Enhancements

Parameter Manipulation

We have checked each report to make sure that users only have access to data that they have been given permission to view.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket # Component


28892 Dashboards

The Dashboard Global Filter's "Test Cycle" section now refreshes upon the changing of your project.

26414 Saved Reports You can now Save and Save as successfully after making a change to a report.
 27969 Dashboards Saving a Dashboard no longer triggers an improper Dashboard name change.
 26341  Dashboards Opening or changing to a new Tab no longer causes Projects in the Global Filter to disappear in Insights Dashboard or Confluence Cloud.
26309 Dashboards The list of the Test Case types in the drop-down menu now matches the Test Case types listed in qTest Manager.
27165 Editing a Saved Report You can now Save while editing a report. Previously, the Save button would occasionally disappear while editing a report.
26235 Embedded Reports You can now successfully embed reports with charts and crosstabs. Previously, charts were disappearing from embedded reports.
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