Launch 1.5.3 OnPremise Release Notes: July 2019

Enhancements and New Features

Tosca DEX Integration

Launch now offers the ability to schedule Test Executions for Tosca Test Cases. These Test Cases will execute against Tosca DEX. Refer to this article to learn how to schedule test execution for Tosca Test Cases in qTest Launch: Schedule and Kick Off Tosca Test Cases against Tosca Distributed Execution Server

View Last Execution Logs of a Scheduled Job

Users are now able to view last execution logs of a scheduled job.

Filter Schedule Job by Name and Statuses

When viewing jobs in the JOBS view, you can now quickly search for schedules job(s) by name, status or last run status.


Enhanced Job Detail Screen

The Job Detail Screen now offers users the ability to take quick actions within the scheduled job. These actions include:

  • Cancel
  • Delete
  • Delete occurrence
  • Delete series
  • View and copy last execution logs


Performance Upgrades


You can now filter Hosts and Jobs by multiple projects. This allows for quicker and more efficient Job and Host management.

Summary and Scheduling

The Execution Summary and Job Scheduling have also been enhanced to be faster and more user-friendly.

Bug fixes

Ticket # Component Description
27389 Parser Postman JSON parser now correctly handles the parent-children structure of test results.
27653 Scheduling Shared automation test cases are now showing in Launch for test scheduling.
25276 Universal Agent All Universal Agent parsers now support wildcards specified in the Path to Result field.
27798 Parser The Tosca parser has been enhanced. You can now execute multiple automated test suites or test folders from within Tosca and have results successfully created in qTest.
29394 Session Termination There are no longer issues with user sessions terminating unexpectedly.


Security Fixed security issue.
NA Jobs Users can now delete a scheduled job.

Fixed broken layout on low resolution screen


Wrong dialog message when cancelling a DELETED job. This has been fixed


When all test runs associated with a job were deleted, the job detail view should change color of Schedule name from blue to red. The Result Folder should also change color from blue to red too

30816 Parser 

Fixed NUnit parser to cover the case where multiple test-suite tags are presented in the results

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