qTest Controller - Setting up qTest Insights with Postgres Read Replica 9.6.1 OnPremise


The goal for this process is to split complex reporting queries from the production database. 


  • Your qTest Manager and qTest Sessions database are on the same Postgres database server.
  • This article assumes you have the knowledge to create a postgres read-replica server.

Note: These instructions are verified on qtestctl 6.3 (9.6.1).

Stop Insights

  • Linux (non-Docker)- Access the current directory "qtestctl" where you've installed your latest version of Insights.
    systemctl stop qtest
  • Windows
    C:\[path_to_qtestctl]>net stop qtest

Modify qtestctl/insights/build.gradle

Note: Remember to fill your replicated DB information into the placeholders. 

  1. Find keyword: qtestread.url=${qtestJdbcUrlWithoutCredential} (Line 239, in qTest version 9.6.1.)

  2. Replace with qtestread.url=jdbc://postgresql://<YOUR READ REPLICA HOST>/${config['insights.postgres.db']}

    237 #--------INFO QTEST DATABASE READ -----------
    238 qtestread.poolName=Qtest Read DB Pool
    239 qtestread.url=${qtestJdbcUrlWithoutCredential}
  3. Find keyword: sessionread.url=${sessionJdbcUrlWithoutCredential} (Line 253, in qTest version 9.6.1.)
  4. Replace with sessionread.url=jdbc://postgresql://<YOUR READ REPLICA HOST>/${config['sessions.postgres.db']}
    251 #--------INFO SESSION DATABASE READ ---------
    252 sessionread.poolName=Session Read DB Pool       
    253 sessionread.url=${sessionJdbcUrlWithoutCredential}     
  5. Find keyword: PostgreSQLServer="${config['']}" (Line 458, in qTest version 9.6.1.)
  6. Replace with PostgreSQLServer="<YOUR READ REPLICA HOST>"
    455 CommandTimeOut="600"
    456 PostgreSQLConnectionString="${logiConnectionStringqTest}"
    457 ID="qTestMySQL"
    458 PostgreSQLServer="${config['']}
  7. Find keyword: PostgreSQLServer="${config['']}" (Line 480, in qTest version 9.6.1.)
  8. Replace with PostgreSQLServer="<YOUR READ REPLICA HOST>"
    477 CommandTimeOut="600"
    478 ID="sessionDB"
    479 PostgreSQLConnectionString="${logiConnectionStringSession}"
    480 PostgreSQLServer="${config['']}"

Restart qTest Service and Verify 

  • Linux (non-Docker)
    $ systemctl start qtest
  • Windows
    C:\[path_to_qtestctl]>net start qtest

Access Insights from the 9-box in qTest Manager and verify connectivity

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