Sessions 4.2.7 OnPremise Release Notes: July 2019

Security Enhancements

Defect Submission

Fixed security issue when submitting a defect from Sessions.

Performance Enhancements

Ticket 27715: Test Case Submission

qTest Sessions 4.2.7 offers an enhanced Test Case submission. Prior to this release, too many Test Modules in a specific qTest Project caused Sessions to not fully load. Therefore, the Test Cases would not all display in the Submit Test Case screen. In order to fix this issue, we applied lazy loading for Test Modules.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket Component Description
NA Submit Defect Sessions could not submit or updated defects to Rally, due to a Rally UI changed in the newer version. This has been fixed.
29669 Session Editor

You can now the use color panel to modify bubbles or font

28277   Installation

qtest 9.6.1 startup script failed to create sessions_961 database. This has been fixed.


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