Launch 1.5.1 OnDemand Release Notes - Jun 28, 2019

New Features

Distributed Test Execution

Launch 1.5.1 offers users the ability to distribute test executions. Tests are distributed by way of splitting up Test Runs that are sent to each agent.

Users can now select groups of Test Cases or Test Runs to be executed by multiple automation host / agents.


IMPORTANT: Tosca Test Cases are still executed by only one agent: Tosca DEX in qTest Launch.


Filter schedule job by name and statuses

When viewing jobs in the JOBS view, you can now quickly search for schedules job(s) by name, status or last run status.


Enhanced Job Detail Screen

The Job detail screen now offers users the ability to take quick actions within the scheduled job. These actions include:

  • Cancel
  • Delete
  • Delete occurrence
  • Delete series
  • View and copy last execution logs


Bug fixes

Ticket # Component Description
29394 Session Termination There are no longer issues with user sessions being randomly terminated.


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