Automation Host 2.3.1 Release Notes - August 8, 2019

IMPORTANT: read the Known Issues section at the bottom if you plan to upgrade Automation Host to version 2.3.1 from qTest Launch.


Ability to Cancel Running or Queued Jobs

Compatibility notes: 

  • OnDemand: Elite customers with access to qTest Launch (latest version is 1.5.3 at the time of this release) will benefit from this improvement if they upgrade Automation Host to version 2.3.1, or later
  • OnPremise: this feature is available, if you upgrade Automation Host to 2.3.1 and qTest Launch 1.5.3 (released in late July 2019 along with qTest Manager 9.7.1). If you do not upgrade qTest Launch to version 1.5.3 or later, you are still able to upgrade Automation Host to version 2.3.1 and benefit from bug fixes and performance improvements.
    However, you will lose the ability to cancel running/queued jobs.

Bug Fixes

  •  When the Automation Host starts (or restarts), the unfinished job that is executed in a previous working session of the Automation Host, will change the status to Failed; so that the other Job in the queue will be executed.
  • TRICENTIS has limited the number of Logs displayed, therefore, the browser will be more responsive.
  • Agent actions are now grouped and made visible, as an icon in every agent. Select the icon and the Agent actions will display.
  • Redundant folder/files are removed in the 'runner' folder of the Automation Host.
  • Automation Host  2.3.1 includes additional Error handling. We observed incorrect errors, which were logged and displayed for no reason (false positive,) that caused unnecessary concerns. This issue is now fixed.
  • Proper handling of SSL certificate error: users behind a proxy/firewall, which overwrites the qTest SSL certificate, prevented the Automation Host to work properly.
Ticket # Component Description
28352 Automation Host This ticket is about the UI freezing when there are too many logs being displayed.
30038 Automation Host Add ability to cancel queued but not yet running automation builds

Known Issues

When upgrading to Automation Host 2.3.1 from qTest Launch, you *might* encounter below issues:

  • The Automation Host does not start automatically even the old version has Auto Start option selected
  • The Agents from the old version disappeared in the new version

If this issue happens to you, please do the work around as followings:


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