Feature Candidate Requests (FCR) Disclaimer


Feature requests are presented to Product Management for periodic review. We receive a large volume of excellent requests throughout the year to be analyzed and evaluated.

This is an ongoing process of careful evaluation at Tricentis with prioritization of review and any potential action often spanning a long period.

We, therefore, are unable to provide updates on specific requests during this process. We do, however, include customer-driven feature enhancements in every release, and these are documented in the release notes. 

The decision to implement an idea in one of our products is dependent on a number of factors, including:

  • Has this request been raised by other customers? Is it a request that fits the needs of many customers?
  • Within the constraints of our product architecture and technology, is this idea technically feasible?
  • What's the relative importance of implementing this idea versus implementing other enhancements?
  • Would implementing this idea adversely impact other customers?
  • Do other methods, using different elements or techniques, already exist for doing the same thing?
  • If implementing the idea is development-resource intensive will it provide a broad-based benefit?


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