Pulse 9.2.1+ OD Release Notes

Pulse 9.2.4 August 27, 2019

Bug Fixes

Ticket Component Description
31428, 31607 Import There is no longer an issue importing files into Pulse.

Pulse 9.2.3 August 7, 2019

New Features and Enhancements

Enhanced Dialogs

The following have been added to Pulse dialogs:

  • There is now a refresh icon in your Action View Log dialog. This allows you to refresh your action log without refreshing your entire page.
  • There is now a copy icon in the Trigger dialog. This will allow you to quickly and easily get your url.

Pulse 9.2.1 May 3, 2019

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket Component Description
NA Database With the migration from Mongo to PostgreSQL, Pulse webhooks were updated. Pulse now supports both your updated and original webhooks.
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