Launch 1.4.6 OnDemand Release Notes - April 10, 2019


Updated Schedule Button for Automation Test Runs

Elite users are now automatically navigated to qTest Launch for Automated Test Scheduling.

If you are a qTest Elite user with Launch permissions, selecting the Schedule button will automatically navigate you to qTest Launch. 

If you are an Elite user but DO NOT have Launch permissions, selecting Schedule will not take you to qTest Launch. Instead, you will be met with a dialog that tells you to contact your Site Administrator to gain access. For information on how to gain access to Launch, please refer to the User Groups article.

Known Limitation: Previously, only Test Runs with an approved Test Case version could be scheduled. 

  • users with the Approve Test Cases permission could approve a test case not yet approved and schedule the test run
  • users without the Approve Test Cases permission could not schedule test runs for an unapproved test case

However, Manager 9.6.1 allows you to schedule automation Test Runs for approved or unapproved versions of a Test Case regardless of the Approve Test Case permission. This will be remediated in a later release.

Workaround: users should approve Test Cases before scheduling Test Runs

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