qTest Launch 1.4.7 Q2 OP Release Notes


Postgres DB

qTest Launch now supports PostgreSQL 10.7. Secured connection via SSL has also been supported between qTest Launch and Postgres DB server.

Updated Schedule Icon

If you are a qTest Elite user with Launch permissions, selecting the View Schedule icon will automatically navigate you to qTest Launch. If you are an Elite user but DO NOT have Launch permissions, selecting the View Schedule will not take you to qTest Launch. Instead, you will be met with a dialog that tells you to contact your site administrator to gain access. For information on how to gain access to launch, please refer to the User Groups article.

Note: If you are not an Elite user, you will still be navigated to the legacy qTest Manager Schedule dialog. 

Tosca Integration

qTest Launch has been integrated with Tricentis Tosca automated testing. Users can now do the following:

  • Schedule Tosca Test Cases and Test Runs

Viewing Execution Logs

You can now view the last execution logs of a job schedule. 

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket # Component Description
 NA Performance We fixed a performance issue that caused qTest Launch outage for some qTest users.
NA Performance/ JOB View The JOB view's performance has been enhanced.
NA Performance/Host Detail View The Host Detail view's performance has been enhanced.
NA Performance/ UI The UI performance has been enhanced.
NA Performance/ Statistics Panel qTest Launch's Statistics panel been enhanced.
NA Performance/Query automation Query automation associated with Test Cases and Test Runs has been enhanced.
25276 Parsers All parsers now support, scan for, and pick up test results if specified in the Universal Agent's Path to Result field. This remains true if using wild cards at multiple levels.
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