qTest Insights 1.21.5 Q2 OP Release Notes


Designer Mode

There is a new Designer Mode available for all Explore Data Reports. When a user opens a report, the report will load in Designer Mode. You can build charts, define formulas, add filters, etc. From there, you can select the Run Report option, and all of that report's inputs would execute. 


Encryption Between qTest Insights and Postgres DB

An SSL encryption has been added between Insights and Postgres DB.

New Reports

The following canned reports have been added:

  • Approved Automated Test Cases by Project
  • Approved Test Cases by Domain

Security Improvements

The following items have been improved for security:

  • Cookie attributes
  • HTTP to HTTPS redirection
  • Cache control
  • Query strings

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket Component Description
25718 Performance/Filter There have been performance enhancements associated with the use of filters in Insights.
24765 Performance/ Defect External Report Performance issues are now resolved when pulling JIRA bugs to create a dashboard.
23724 Reports Insights Reports saved as PDF's now show all necessary fields.
25317 Global Filter The Global Filter now works properly when using IE11.
22488 Explore Data There are no longer errors associated with Explore Data's Test Run Data when using a field whose site-field value is set to Korean.
24331 Scheduled Report There is no longer an issue associated with Scheduled Reports being sent as PDF's when requesting XLS's.
24560 Explore Data/Crosstabs There is no longer an issue associated with using "Assigned to" as the "Label Values Column" in a Crosstab. Previously, there were instances in which multiple people showed up in one cell.
24623 Portfolio Jira Custom Fields show correctly in Portfolio.
26173, 26570, 26930 Explore Data Explore Data and Global Filters are now working properly in Chrome: Version 73.0.3683.75 (Official Build) (64-bit).
NA Dashboard Gallery We have added a Test Case Type Monthly Trend Panel to the Dashboard Gallery.
26131 Dashboards Charts in dashboards now appear correctly.
26402 Dashboards/Jira Charts that use Jira fields now display correctly after saved in Dashboards.
26661, 26774, 26659 Explore Data/ Test Case, Explore Data/Test Run Data retrieval issues in Explore Data have been resolved. 
26062 Velocity Report Alignment issues for overall stats within the Velocity Report have been resolved.
26691 Dashboards Issues related to the presentation of Dashboard Panels have been fixed.
26429 On the fly reporting On the fly reporting now works consistently.
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