qTest App for Windows 1.2.1+ Release Notes

qTest App 1.2.2 June 6, 2019


Online/Offline Buttons Update

The following icons of qTest App buttons are updated on the Tree View:

  • Upload
    • Online= Blue
    • Offline= Gray (disabled)
  • Download
    • Online= Blue
    • Offline= Gray (disabled)
  • Refresh
    • Online= Blue
    • Offline= Gray (disabled)
  • Remove
    • Online= Blue
    • Offline= Blue

Execution Tab 

The Execution tab now displays in 'red font' when a user does not choose a Status before selecting the Save Test Log button.

qTest App 1.2.1 March 20, 2019


Manually Check for Newer Versions

In addition to the automatic upgrade notification, you can also manually check for newer versions. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. In the qTest App, select the Question mark icon. 
  2. Select Check for Updates.

If there is an update available, you will be met with a dialog saying so. If not, you will be told that there is no new version available.

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