qTest Manager Major Feature Change History


The charts below give a brief overview of the major functionality changes associated with each major OnDemand Release per OnPremise version. This article only includes charts for the still currently supported OnPremise versions.

Manager 9.5.3 OP

Major OnDemand Version Number Major Functionality Changes
  • Tosca Integration
  • Cloning a Defect Workflow
  • qTest Resources page now includes the qTest App


  • Improved qTest for Jira Test Management Add On
    • qTest Test Execution icon on Jira issue page
  • The "Get a Test Run" API is updated
  • TLS 1.0 and 1.1 are Desupported
  • The qTest Integration Browser Plug-in is now compatible with Firefox versions 62.0.2 and beyond.

Manager 9.3 OP

Major OnDemand Version Major Functionality Changes
  • Global Admin is Introduced
  • Product navigator (previously named the 9-box) added to administration page
  • User Groups
  • Completely new Admin UI
  • Private values for Site Fields
  • Admin Batch Actions
  • Jira Cloud Integration can only be done via API token and OAuth
  • Flood is added to the 9-box
  • Searching for Jira Defects in Test Execution and the TestPad
  • New API's:
    • Add attachments to a Test Step Log
    • Remove attachments from a Test Step Log
    • Download attachments from a Test Step Log
  • Jira Cloud Integration now requires Global Admin Status in Jira
  • Customize Defect grids from Rally and VersionOne
  • Uploading attachments to Test Step Logs
  • Modify Test Logs

Manager 9.1.5 OP

Major OnDemand Version Major Functionality Changes
  • Store Unlinked Jira Defects in Manager to be Reported in Insights

  • Modify Test Logs with API's
  • Deleting synced Bugs in Jira automatically deletes the corresponding Defect in qTest
  • Rich Text Editor added to TestPad Test Steps field
  • Edit Test Step Details even if that Test Step has a parameter
  • Test Case Details tab
  • Use a Private Key with a Jira OAuth integration

Manager 9.0 OP

Major OnDemand Version Major Functionality Changes
  • qTest Launch and Pulse are now available
  • Release Integration with Jira Sprints or Fix Versions
  • Ability to Add Test Runs from Release or Build Scope
  • Ability to Add Requirement to Scope of multiple Releases and Builds
  • Ability to link Requirements to Test Cases from Release or Build scope
  • qTest APIs will no longer be accessible using HTTP



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