qTest App 1.2.0 Release Notes 15 March, 2019


Keeps current view test run

When you switch between Online mode to Offline mode, your current view Test Run information displays. This works both ways, your current view Test Run information displaying when switching either from Offline to Online or Online to Offline. This feature works when you're viewing a downloaded test run.


Auto-check for Newer Versions

When you have an internet connection, you will be automatically notified whenever a new application version is available. This will only occur as you re-open the app and will not disrupt testing processes.

Note: The qTest app will not automatically update. Once you receive the automatic notification, you can manually choose to upgrade. 


Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket Component Description
NA Performance/Test Runs There have been performance enhancements associated with Test Run downloads.
NA UI The version  number now displays in the UI.


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