How to collect logs for Chrome Web Explorer

Logs are useful for QASymphony Customer Support team when assisting issues regarding Web Explorer usage. Since Web Explorer is a browser extension, the logs are not actually fully written in the developer Console, but the extension's Console.

Follow this article to learn how to collect logs of Web Explorer extension on Chrome browser. 

Step 1

From Chrome browser, click on triple dot icon on the top right corner then select More Tools > Extensions, as shown below.


Step 2

From the opening Extensions page, look for qTest Web Explorer extension and click on Details button, as below. 


Step 3

In the qTest Web Explorer extension detail page. Click on background.html link, as shown below.


Step 4

A new window will open. Click Console tab if it's not selected. You will see the logs of qTest Web Explorer extension, as below.


Step 5

To export the log, right click on the Console window and select Save as...


A save file dialog will open. Enter a file name and click Save to save the log to file.

Now you can attach the log file to Tricentis support ticket for further troubleshooting.

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