qTest Test Execution Data in Your Jira Issue


You can easily view qTest Test Execution Data within a linked Jira issue. To begin using this feature, simply select the qTest: Test Execution add-on icon. The icon is conveniently located to the right of the attachments icon. The icon is highlighted in the screenshot below:


This qTest plugin supports all instances of Jira--Cloud, Server, and Data Center. 

Filter Test Execution Data in Jira using Test Run Fields

Once you select the Test Execution icon, you have access to both a filter and summary in the qTest: Test Execution iframe that displays in your Jira Issue. This is beneficial for situations in which a Jira issue (User Story) is linked to a Test Case that is executed many times, resulting in multiple Test Runs. This situation is often replicated during Regression Testing.

You can select multiple filters and values for each filter. For example, for one Release filter, you can select Release 1, Release 2, and Release 3.
Note: your filters will not save. Whenever the page is reloaded, the filters are removed and reset to display “All” as the default.

The filters available for the Test Run level include:

  • Project
  • Release
  • Test Cycle
  • Test Suite
  • Status

Once the filters are updated, each Test Case will display the five most recent Test Runs, ordered by the latest Test Log’s Executed End Date. If there are no Test Runs that match your selected filter(s), you will still see the Test Cases displayed, but will receive the message: “No Test Runs match your filter.”


Statistics Summary Bar Chart for Linked Test Runs

 A bar chart has been added to the qTest: Test Execution iframe in Jira. This displays the total number of all related Test Runs for a Test Case. The bar chart is a statistics summary that groups your Test Runs by Status and includes any custom Status(es) that are set by a user.

Note: this bar chart is a total count of Test Runs by Test Case. However, the Test Case displayed will only show the last 5 executed Test Runs in the Jira issue. To view all the Test Runs that are associated with the Test Case, and accounted for in the statistics summary, you will need to navigate back to qTest Manager.

The available statuses are as follows:

  • Failed
  • Incomplete
  • Blocked
  • Passed
  • Unexecuted
  • Custom Status



Auto-filter Linked Test Runs in Jira

You are able to set up an automated filter to control the Test Runs that show up in the Test Execution iframe in Jira. The filter matches your linked qTest Test Runs with the Fix Version/Sprint of that Jira issue.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Access your Release Integration Settings in qTest Manager.
  2. In the Release Integration section, select the checkbox next to "Auto-filter Test Runs on Jira iframe to match Fix Version/Spring of Jira issue."

Note: this new checkbox will be selected by default. You can deselect this checkbox if you choose.


IMPORTANT: For each Test Case visible in the Jira issue, the status for the last executed Test Run matching the filter replaces the Last Execution Status of the Test Case. If no Test Runs match the filter, you will see the message "There's no Test Run matching your filter."



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