qTest Integration Browser Plugin


qTest offers an integration browser plugin that enhances the defect submission process to JIRA, Rally, VersionOne, and Bugzilla.

This plugin is required to auto-populate your ALM Defect fields, using qTest values, and allows you to log defects directly into your external ALM while using a native ALM screen.

The use of a native ALM screen is vital to the qTest-ALM defect integrated experience because it will allow you to see all the fields that may be required for that user.

How to Get Here

To download the qTest browser plugin, access the qTest Resources page in the qTest Project you are integrating your defect submission process.

Download the qTest Integration Browser Plugin

In the Resources page, expand the qTest Integration Browser Plugin menu and select the browser version that is compatible with your machine.

qTest Integration Browser Plugins must be installed on each browser that you open qTest.

Example: you run qTest on Chrome and Firefox, then you must install the plugin for each browser, respectively.

Once the Plugin is downloaded, you are ready to start most effectively tracking defects.

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