Manager 9.6.1 OnDemand Release Notes-April 10, 2019


We are happy to announce the release of qTest Manager 9.6.1 for our OnDemand customers! Here are a few release highlights:

  • enhanced Audit Logging 
  • VersionOne Requirement folder structure capability
  • Tosca Integration enhancements
  • qTest integration with Jira Data Center


Audit Logging

Manager 9.6.1 includes additional Audit Logging of key Site Admin Events, as well as the previously available User Events.

The Audit Logging section in the Security tab is redesigned and allows you to export information to Excel for User Events and Site Admin Events.

The result for the Audit Log export is based on the selected 'Event' checkboxes and contains the following information:

  • Timestamp of the Activity
  • Application Code
    Example: Manager, Explorer, etc.
  • Username
    • External Username (if applicable)
    • Authentication System (if applicable)
  • Event Category (selected checkboxes associated with this audit log export)
  • Source IP of User
  • Login Source
    Example: Web, API
    • Details of Login Source
      Example: qtest-web, qtest-api, web-explorer, etc.


VersionOne Requirement Folder Structure

Customers using VersionOne are now able to configure a two-level folder structure for VersionOne Requirements that are imported into qTest Manager. This feature allows you to automatically organize your imported VersionOne Requirements into a two-level folder structure based on the two VersionOne fields you select in the VersionOne Integration Settings. 

For more information on how to use this new feature, please read the Integration with VersionOne article. 

Tosca Integration

Tosca Integration Available for Elite Users Only

The Tosca Integration visible in your qTest Projects Integration Settings, along with the ability to convert a manual test case to an automated Tosca test case, is now only available to customers with an Elite package. 

Establishing a Tosca Integration Update

The text for the Tosca Workspace URL field is updated to reflect Tosca Project URL

Convert Tosca Test Case Notifications

  • Global Notification:
    • You will now be notified via the global notification in qTest when you convert a manual qTest Test Case to a Tosca Automated Test Case. A notification message will be available to let you know whether the conversion was successful or not.
  • Test Case History:
    • Manual qTest Test Cases converted to Tosca Automation Test Cases will display a 'Test Case Changed' line item in the Test Case History when a conversion is successful. Expand the 'Test Case Changed' line item to see the details of the change.

Tosca uniqueId Included in API Responses

The uniqueId of Tosca Test Case and Test Runs will be included in the responses of the following qTest API's:

  • Retrieve a Test Case
  • Retrieve multiple Test Cases
  • Retrieve a Test Run
  • Retrieve multiple Test Runs
  • Search for Test Cases and Test Runs

Tosca ExecutionLists and ExecutionEntries Update

Previously, when converting a qTest Test Case to a Tosca Automated Test Case, an ExecutionList and ExecutionEntry folder was automatically created in the Execution tab of your Tosca Commander workspace; although the newly converted test case had not been executed yet by Tosca. This feature has been amended to remove the automatic creation of the ExecutionList and ExecutionEntry folders until the converted test case has actually been executed in Tosca.

qTest Integration with Jira Data Center

Manager 9.6.1 also provides compatibility with Jira Data Center and the qTest for Jira Test Management add-on which is available for download in the Atlassian Marketplace.

IMPORTANT: Updates from Jira to qTest will not be received immediately, as there is a 15-second delay for customers using either Jira Server or Jira Data Center.

qTest JIRA add-on version Jira Data Center version
8.0.1 8.0.0 - 8.0.2
6.11.11 7.4.0 - 7.13.2


qTest Integration with VERA

qTest now includes the ability to set up an integration with VERA, which is an e-signature tool for validation testing within a LifeSciences FDA regulated environment.


NOTE: if you use the API to update a Test Case or move it to another Module (PUT /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/test-cases/{testCaseId}) and any of the VERA fields (VERA ID, VERA Approval Route, VERA Pending Task and VERA Status) are included the API request body, then other fields will not be updated or the Test Case will not be moved to other Module.

Updated Schedule Button for Automation Test Runs

Elite users are now automatically navigated to qTest Launch for Automated Test Scheduling.

If you are a qTest Elite user with Launch permissions, selecting the Schedule button will automatically navigate you to qTest Launch. 

If you are an Elite user but DO NOT have Launch permissions, selecting Schedule will not take you to qTest Launch. Instead, you will be met with a dialog that tells you to contact your Site Administrator to gain access. For information on how to gain access to Launch, please refer to the User Groups article.

Known Limitation: Previously, only Test Runs with an approved Test Case version could be scheduled. 

  • users with the Approve Test Cases permission could approve a test case not yet approved and schedule the test run
  • users without the Approve Test Cases permission could not schedule test runs for an unapproved test case

However, 9.6.1 allows you to schedule automation Test Runs for approved or unapproved versions of a Test Case regardless of the Approve Test Case permission. This will be remediated in a later release.

Workaround: users should approve Test Cases before scheduling Test Runs

Improvements and Bug Fixes

qTest Test Logs in Jira iframe

In the past, the date/time values in the Jira iframe were shown in the Jira user's selected timezone. Now, Jira will only provide the users' timezone if they agree to provide that personal data. In the event you do not provide your timezone to Jira, qTest will show the date/time values for qTest server's timezone, which it UTC+0.

This ensures you can view your qTest Test Logs, in the iframe of a Jira Requirement, as expected.

Resources Page 

Previously, a message of 'we are deprecating this token soon' displayed in the API & SDK section of the Download qTest Resources page. This is now removed. 


Ticket Component  Description
25416 Performance/ Test Execution There has been a performance update to the Test Execution tab. There is no longer an issue loading the tab, even under the duress of millions of Test Cases.
23546 Requirements Previously, when filtering requirements and using a keyboard combination of 'CTRl+ characters,' duplicate back-end records were created and the Project tab Controls no longer displayed. This is now resolved.
24510 SSO Azure AD users using a token lifetime policy that is set to never expire had issues logging in with SSO because qTest has a token rule with a maximum 7 day lifetime. Now, qTest will force the end-user to re-authenticate with Azure AD which refreshes their authentication token to meet qTest's 7-day rule. 
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