qTest App Install and Upgrade Guide


In this article, we provide instructions to install and upgrade the qTest App.

Installation Steps

On Windows

  • Step 1: Download the installer to the device
    • Access to qTest App Download Center and select desired qTest App version to install. 
    • Download the installer and put on your device.
  • Step 2: Install the application
    • Double click on the qTest App Setup X.x.x.exe file to install.
    • In case the installer is prevented by Windows SmartScreen, select "More info" then "Run anyway".
  • Step 3: Verify installed version
    • Access to Control Panel -> Program and Features on your Windows device.
    • Verify the application name and version match with your selected qTest App version.

Upgrade Steps

On Windows

  • To upgrade, you're not required to remove the existing version on your device.
  • Manually upgrade:
    • Follow same steps in Windows Installation Steps section to overwrite the existing version by a newer version.
    • OR select "Check for updates" option (apply from qTest App v1.2.1). This option is only available when qTest App is in Online mode.
  • Automatic upgrade:
    • From qTest App 1.2.0, automatic upgrade feature will notify you when there is a newer version available. Automatic upgrade notification is triggered when application is opened.


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