qTest App Install and Upgrade Guide


In this article, we provide instructions to install and upgrade the qTest App.

Windows Installation

Installation Steps

  • Step 1: Download the installer to the device
    • Access to qTest App Download Center and select latest qTest App version to install. 
    • Download the installer and put on your device.
  • Step 2: Install the application
    • Double click on the qTest App Setup X.x.x.exe file to install.
    • In case the installer is prevented by Windows SmartScreen, select "More info" then "Run anyway".
  • Step 3: Verify installed version
    • Access to Control Panel -> Program and Features on your Windows device.
    • Verify the application name and version match with your selected qTest App version.

Upgrade Steps

  • To upgrade, you're not required to remove the existing version on your device.
  • Manually upgrade:
    • Follow same steps in Windows Installation Steps section to overwrite the existing version by a newer version.
    • OR select "Check for updates" option (apply from qTest App v1.2.1). This option is only available when qTest App is in Online mode.
  • Automatic upgrade:
    • From qTest App 1.2.0, automatic upgrade feature will notify you when there is a newer version available. Automatic upgrade notification is triggered when application is opened.


iPad Installation

From your iPad, click on below icon to directly navigate to qTest App in App Store or manually search for "qTest App" via App Store application.


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