Global Configurations OnDemand


This article provides details on the OnDemand version of Global Configurations available to a qTest Site Administrator.

The Configurations page allows you to set global time settings for your qTest instance, as well as generate Insights dashboard tokens to share dashboards with a URL. 

How to Get Here

Navigate to Site Administration, and select the Configurations tab.

Generate an Insights Dashboard Token

  1. Locate the Insights section of the window.  
  2. Select the Generate button to create a new, secure Dashboard Token.
    Note: At any time you can generate a new, secure Dashboard Token that will replace the previously created Dashboard Token. The new token will be used by qTest to generate a shareable URL.
    • Green circle icon = Dashboard Token is active
    • Gray circle icon = Dashboard Token is expired
  3. The Expiration Date default is 90 days from token generation. However, you can change it to another expiration date using the drop-down.
  4. Select Save.
    Note: A Dashboard URL generated before the Insights 1.15.6 release, will continue to work until the dashboards expiration date.




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