qTest App 1.1.0 OnDemand Release Notes


Mobile Photos

You can now take a photo directly from qTest App application and attach that photo to your Test Log when executing a downloaded Test Run.

Latest Test Execution Status 

When online, you can now view the latest Test Execution Status colors being reported from qTest Manager. This applies to both downloaded and non-downloaded Test Runs.

When offline, you can still see the latest Test Execution Status for Downloaded Test Runs but it will not be synced real time with qTest Manager.

Enhanced Log-in

After having entered your qTest URL for log-in, the qTest App will remember this URL. You will no longer have to re-enter in the URL for future log-in.

Progress Bar Enhancements

Progress bars will display an "Items Remaining" section. Here, you can see information pertaining to:

  • For downloading Test Runs: the # of Test Runs remaining
  • For downloading Attachments: the # of Attachments remaining
  • For uploading Test Logs: the # of Test Logs remaining

Enhanced "Download Status" Bar Graph

In Offline-mode, the "Download Status" Bar Graph will display updated statistics pertaining to:

  • Test Run downloads
  • Test Run executions


Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket # Component Description
NA Common The application no longer gets stuck when user's permission changed in qTest Manager.
NA Test Logs The application no longer gets stuck when uploading Test Logs.
NA Containers When in Offline Mode, Containers that have no downloaded Test Runs no longer display.
NA Test Runs If a Test Run has not been successfully downloaded, it will no longer show up as fully downloaded in Offline Mode.
NA Test Runs Attachments will no longer be missing from Test Runs.
NA Shared Test Runs Users are no longer met "Duplicate key links" error message when uploading multiple shared Test Runs.
NA Parameters Parameters attached to downloaded Test Runs' Test Cases now display correctly.
NA Test Step Attachments Test Step Attachments are longer missing after having downloaded multiple Test Runs with called Test Cases.
NA Attachments Attachments can now be deleted successfully. 
NA Test Steps Test Runs' Test Steps now display correctly, even when downloading many Test Runs at the same time.
NA Test Runs Users are no longer met with a 500 error when downloading multiple Test Runs at once.
NA Test Runs Users can now upload Test Runs that have Test Steps with a status of "Unexecuted."
NA Attachments There are no longer placement issues for large attachments. Previously, large attachments might end up placed in the incorrect Test Step.
NA Camera The Camera light now shuts off when exiting out of the Camera Application.
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