Manager 9.5.3 OnPremise Release Notes-February 28, 2019


We are pleased to announce the release of Manager 9.5.3 OnPremise. Listed below are just a few of the following improvements and enhancements:

  • several Jira issue page improvements
  • ability to configure stricter passwords
  • custom data queries are now visible when creating a test run
  • updated Manage Project Settings permission
  • ability to convert manual test cases to Tosca automated test cases
  • many more!


Jira Issue Page Improvements


New qTest:Test Execution Icon in Jira Issue

The qTest:Test Execution add-on is now easily visible by the addition of a new icon, which is now located to the right of the attachments icon.


Note: For now, this is only available in the Jira Cloud, and not in Jira Server.

Filter Test Execution Data in Jira using Test Run Fields

This improvement includes a filter and summary in the qTest:Test Execution iframe that is visible in your Jira Issue. This is beneficial for situations when a Jira issue (User Story) is linked to a Test Case that is executed many times, which results in multiple Test Runs, such as with a Regression Test.

Additionally, you can select multiple filters as well as multiple values for each filter ex: Release filter, you can select Release 1, Release 2, and Release 3.
Please note, that your filters will not save. Therefore, whenever the page is reloaded the filters are removed and reset to display “All” as the default.

The new filters available for the Test Run level include:

  • Project
  • Release
  • Test Cycle
  • Test Suite
  • Status

Once the filters are updated, each Test Case will display the 5 most recent Test Runs, ordered by the latest Test Log’s Executed End Date.
If there are no Test Runs that match your selected filter(s), you will still see the Test Cases displayed, but will receive a message of “No Test Runs match your filter.”


Statistics Summary Bar Chart Now Available in Jira for Linked Test Runs

 A bar chart has been added to the qTest: Test Execution iframe in Jira that displays the total number of all related Test Runs for a Test Case. The bar chart is a statistics summary that groups your Test Runs by Status and includes any custom Status(es) that are set by a user.

Please note, that this bar chart is a total count of Test Runs by Test Case, however, the Test Case displayed will only show the last 5 executed Test Runs in the Jira issue. To view all the Test Runs that are associated with the Test Case, and accounted for in the statistics summary, you will need to navigate back to qTest Manager.
The available statuses are:

  • Failed
  • Incomplete
  • Blocked
  • Passed
  • Unexecuted
  • Custom Status


Test Run Project and Test Case Project Names Visible in Jira

The name of the project where a Test Run was executed and the name of the project where a Test Case was created are now visible in the qTest: Test Execution iframe in Jira.
This enhancement is beneficial for customers who use Shared Test Cases, as it allows you to see the name of the original Project where the Test Case was first created along with the name of the Project where the Test Run was executed.


Auto-filter Linked Test Runs in Jira

A new checkbox has been added in the Release Integration Settings of qTest Manager that automatically filters your list of Test Runs on the qTest: Test Execution iframe in Jira. The filter matches your linked qTest Test Runs with the Fix Version/Sprint of that Jira issue.

For each Test Case visible in the Jira issue, the status for the last executed Test Run matching the filter, replaces the Last Execution Status of the Test Case. If no Test Runs match the filter, you will see the message "There's no Test Run matching your filter."
Note: this new checkbox will be selected by default. You can deselect this checkbox if you choose.

Known Limitations
Sometimes the qTest:Test Execution iFrame in Jira does not load completely upon the first time opening the Jira issue, therefore you will need to reload the page. Jira Test Management plugin v6.11.10 will be released to fix this issue.

Enhancements to the Jira iFrame

The Jira iFrame has been enhanced and now has both an improved drop-down menu design and realigned column proportions. The enhanced drop-down menu makes for a Jira iFrame experience that is more Jira-native.

Jira Issue Page Enhancement for Test Run Status

The qTest: Test Execution plugin, in the Jira Issue page, is enhanced to now show a status of "No TR" in the event a Test Case has no associated Test Runs that match the Status filter(s) you select.

Integrate qTest Project with a Tosca Workspace

You can now integrate a qTest Project with a Tosca Workspace so that you can convert your manual qTest Test Cases to Tosca Automation Test Cases. In your qTest project, on the Automation Settings page, there is a new Tosca Integration section that you need to activate.

You will need the Tosca Workspace URL, as well as the Tosca username and password to create the connection. 

The Tosca Workspace URL is defined through the Tosca Commander REST Webservice (TCRS). Installation and configuration instructions can be found here.

IMPORTANT: The integration currently supports Tosca v12 and each qTest Project can be integrated with one Tosca Workspace.

When the Tosca Integration is saved, the Automation Integration toggle button is automatically enabled (in the event this was not previously enabled in your environment.)

Convert qTest Manual Test Case to a Tosca Workspace

Once you have integrated a qTest Project with a Tosca Workspace, you can convert your manual qTest Test Cases one-by-one to Tosca Automation Test Cases.

How do I Convert the Test Cases?

In a Tosca integrated Project, the qTest manual Test Case now includes a Tosca drop-down option within the blue Convert button at the top of the Test Case details. After you select to convert to Tosca, the Convert button disappears from the Test Case options.

Additionally, the icon to the left of the Test Case name, both in the navigation tree and the main header of the Test Case, will change to include a blue dot. This indicates that the Test Case is now automated. automated_test_case_icon.png


Where will I see my qTest Test Case in my Tosca Workspace?

Initially, an 'Imported from qTest' folder will be automatically created under the TestCases folder in your Tosca Workspace. Each additional converted qTest Test Case will be added to the same 'Imported from qTest' folder that was previously established. You can rename the folder in your Tosca Workspace if you would like, and the integration/conversion will remain intact.

Note: You will need to make sure that the Viewing/Owning permissions for the "Imported from qTest" folder are set to allow you to add/view test cases.

When the converted qTest Test Case is executed in Tosca, an 'Imported from qTest' folder will be automatically added to the 'Execution' folder in your Tosca Workspace. Nested under the 'Imported from qTest' folder is an ExecutionList folder that includes the ExecutionList, and ExecutionEntry.

The execution list of your qTest Test Cases includes the following information:

  • qTest Test Case name
  • Execution entry

What qTest Information is Available in my Converted Test Case?

When you convert a manual qTest Test Case to a Tosca Automation Test Case, you will see the following information:

  • Tosca Test Case Name: qTest Test Case Name and Test Case ID number
  • Tosca Test Case Description: qTest Test Case Description (will not display any rich text formatting)
    • qTest Test Steps will append to the description (will not display any rich text formatting)
      Note: The Test Case description in Tosca is limited to 400,000 characters. If the combination of description and test steps of the qTest Test Case is longer then 400,000 characters, the overage does not display.

How will I know the qTest Test Case Converted to a Tosca Automation Test Case Successfully?

When the conversion is successful, the Tosca Test Case checkbox will be selected in the qTest Test Case Properties.

How do I receive my Tosca test results back into qTest?

Read this article to integrate Tricentis Tosca with the Universal Agent.

Known Limitations:

  • Currently, we cannot inform you via a pop-up message when a qTest Test Case is converted successfully, or if there have been any errors while converting the Test Case.
  • You are not able to convert a Tosca Test Case back to a qTest Test Case.

Clone Defect Workflow  

You can now clone your Defect Workflow Settings when you are cloning a project that is not integrated with an external ALM. This is only available if you are tracking defects within qTest from the Defects tab. 

Read the following articles for more information on Defect Workflow Settings and Cloning a Project


Configure Password Requirements

As a Site Admin, you can now configure your qTest password requirements to follow stricter guidelines. The current default password policy follows these conditions, ‘Password must be no less than 8 and no more than 16 characters, include at least one number and one letter.’
To change the default password requirements to a custom policy, please read this article



ElasticSearch Administration

The 9.5.3 OnPremise release includes Elasticsearch as a prerequisite, which provides you with greater search potential in qTest. Site Administrators now have the ability to enable/disable ElasticSearch and re-index data in ElasticSearch. Previously, Hibernate search was used in qTest.

These administration functions allow you to choose when you want to migrate your data from Hibernate to Elasticsearch as the re-indexing may take some time to complete. Once the migration is finished, you can enable Elasticsearch. 

Read the Indexing Configurations section of the Global Configurations OnPremise article for information on how to enable ElasticSearch.

Elasticsearch and Tricentis Analytics

Along with the implementation of ElasticSearch in qTest, OnPremise customers who use both Tosca and qTest can utilize Tricentis Analytics 12.1 for joint reporting. For additional information on Tricentis Analytics, please read this user guide

Manage Project Settings Permission Updated

The Manage Project Settings Permission has been updated and now includes additional options that a user can be granted access to or not. If a user is currently granted the Manage Project Settings permission, then all permissions listed below will be selected by default. However, you can customize these permissions if you choose.

You can access these permissions from either of the following pages:

  • Administration>User Profiles
  • Project Settings> User Management


Saved Queries 

Custom Data Queries that have been created and saved are now visible when creating a Test Run and selecting the ‘Data Query View’ button. An alert will display for queries that cannot be used to create Test Runs.

Firefox 62.0.2 Compatibility

The qTest Integration Browser Plug-in is now compatible with Firefox versions 62.0.2 and beyond.

Legacy Java SDK Updated

The legacy Java SDK has been updated to wrap the API so that you can submit multiple automation Test logs. These API’s return the Job ID.
The following API’s have been wrapped:

  • POST /api/v3.1/projects/{projectId}/test-runs/{testRunId}/auto-test-logs
  • POST /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/auto-test-logs

After batch submitting Test Logs, you will need to use the following API to check the progress status:

  • /api/v3/projects/queue-processing/{id}


'Get a Test Run' API Updates

  • Parameter values are now available in the "Get a Test Run" API response body when a user specifies expand=testcase.teststep in the GET request.
  • Test Execution hierarchy and the order of Test Runs within the Test Execution hierarchy is added to the API response.

Retrieve the Target Release/Build’s Field ID

You can now retrieve the Target Release/Build’s field ID so you can use it when creating or updating Test Runs. The following API is enhanced:

  • GET /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/settings/test-runs/fields

The Target Release/Build’s field ID is now available when creating, updating, or retrieving data of a Test Run. The following API’s are enhanced:

  • modify a Test Run's Target Release/Build property
    PUT /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/test-runs/{testRunId}
  • set a value for the Test Run's Target Release/Build field when creating it
    POST /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/test-runs
  • retrieve Target Release/Build property of a Test Run
    GET /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/test-runs/{testRunId}
    GET /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/test-runs

Search API Updated for Test Runs

The Search API, /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/search is updated to include a new operator IN for object_types="test-runs". This new operator allows you to specify an array of Test Run ID's. The query output is all Test Runs that have ID's that match with one of the ID's specified in the array.
Note: This new operator does not show up in the Test Execution Data Query when viewing in the GUI.

Example: "query": "'id' in' [123,456,789]'"

Various API Updates

API's have been created or updated for the following features:

  • Remove attachments to a Test Step of a submitted Test Log
  • Users with the "View Test Runs" permission can download attachments to a Test Step of a submitted Test Log
  • Retrieve the admin profile of a user
  • Users with the "View Test Runs" permission can retrieve the Test Execution hierarchy folder under a root or specific container

qTest Installer/Upgrade Prompt

The qTest installer/upgrade prompt for Windows and Linux operating systems will now encode the user entered password using base64, and store the encoded passwords in the qtest.config file. When you run the qtestctl file, the configuration loads, decodes the passwords and passes them to the apps so you can connect to the databases. 

qTest App

The qTest App is a native application that allows testers to execute tests outside of the full browser-based experience of qTest Manager. This product is suitable for testers who need to test in non-traditional environments including areas without access to the internet or their OnPremise network. You can batch submit Test Logs using an API. 

The qTest Resources page now houses a download link for the qTest App. Read here for more information about the new qTest App.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

qTest for Jira Test Management Add-On Improved

The qTest for Jira Test Management add-on is improved to solve potential conflicts with other Jira add-on's. Previously, defects entered in qTest and submitted to Jira were not displaying properly due to conflicting behavior with other Jira add-ons. 

Note, the current solution requires you to install a new version of the qTest Browser Plugin (Chrome, Firefox, IE) after you upgrade the qTest package.

To install the qTest Integration Browser Plugin, do the following: 

  1. From the qTest Manager Project desktop, select the resources.jpg Download qTest Resources icon.

  2. Select the qTest Integration Browser Plugin heading to expand the section.

  3. Install the qTest Integration plugin that is compatible with your browser.

Jira Project Configuration Update

You can now type in the Project drop-down when adding a 'Jira Issue Type' in the Defect and Requirement Integration sections.

More Flexible Dates in the Sample Project

In the qConnect Sample Project, the project dates are more dynamic. This allows Site Administrators to reset the Sample Project and keep the dates time values as close to the Project reset date as possible.

Scenario v1 Configuration Removed from qTest Manager

The legacy Scenario v1 Configuration has been removed from the Jira Integration Settings page only for projects that do not have an active connection to Jira Scenario. Projects that do have an active connection to Jira Scenario v1 will still be able to see the Scenario v1 Configuration section inside the qTest Manager>Jira Integration Settings page.

More Debug Logging

Operation teams now have the capability to practice more debug logging, allowing for better monitoring of the queue.

Ticket # Component Description
18952 Notification Event The Status field will no longer be automatically selected when editing a Test Run notification event.
22687 Licenses qTest now supports user emails with a .tech email domain.
21893 Email Invite The user invitation email is updated to remove incorrect apostrophe encoding.
18436 SSO Login Previously, if a user had a Manager login with uppercase/lowercase characters in their email address and only lowercase characters in their SSO email address, then the login page would produce an error and not allow the user to merge accounts. This has been resolved. 




SSO Login SSO Login users encountered issues when trying to log in. This is fixed.


SSO Login Users no longer have issues when logging in to Azure AD.
22178 User Groups Pop-up message typo is now fixed.



Users Usernames with only one or two characters were unable to be saved. This is fixed.



Passwords There was a miscalculation of the time between the automated alerts "Need Password update" and "Expired Password." This resulted in users' passwords wrongly expiring. This is resolved.


Passwords A password change reminder no longer appears within every tab in qTest Administration. Previously, if a users' password was soon to expire, a reminder dialog displayed within every tab in qTest Administration. now, the dialog will only show once upon either logging in successfully or refreshing the Admin page.
22889 Logs Sensitive properties will be stored as "*" in the log files.
22599 Test Plan Previously, with a Jira integrated project, if no Release start/end date was defined in Jira then the Release start/end date applied in qTest was the date that the project synced. This led to issues when creating a Build date outside of the sync date. An improvement has been made that will set the Build date to the Release Start Date, and in the event the Jira Release Start Date is empty, the qTest Release Start Date will inherit from the Project Date. 
20246 Test Plan The filter icon on the Test Plan page now includes a tooltip when you hover over the icon.
23689 Test Plan Previously, if a Test Case name contains the keyword "Hidden Exclusions," then the Test Case name was hidden from the "Linked Test Case" list in the Resource section of a Requirement.
18895 Test Cycle You can now use "+" in a Test Cycle name. Previously, the "+" would be replaced with a blank space.















Test Step

Test Design

Test Pad

IE11 browser issues with qTest Manager are now resolved.
19019 Test Case We have enhanced the Parameters dropdown to include a 'More Choices' option in the event you have more than 10 parameter values that match your search criteria. Previously, when adding parameters to a Test Case, you could not see more than 10 parameter values in the drop-down list. 
20391 Test Case Typo fixed in modal when copying a Test case from one Project to another.
17921 Test Case Filtering Test cases by the assignee would sometimes return usernames not selected in the query filter. This is now resolved.
18825 Test Case The Requirement field has been removed from the Import Test Case Wizard.
19321 Test Case Previously, if the 'Approve' button was hit twice (quickly) for a Test Case, then the Test Case History would display two versions with the same version number as well as duplicate Test Steps visible in Test Runs associated with the duplicate Test Cases. This is now resolved.
  Test Case When copying Test Cases to a destination project, the private values from the original project will not carry forward.
  Test Case You can now copy/paste a Test Case with Site Field Custom Values to a destination project correctly. 



Test Execution The Test Run statuses will now match the Execution Summary graph and data table on the Statistics tab of Test Execution. 



Test Execution Data inconsistencies for Test Execution statistics has been fixed.


Test Execution/


Performance receiving data in the Test Execution tree has been enhanced.


Test Execution/


Quick Run is improved to load faster.



TestPad Users can now successfully updated scripts in the TestPad while in Test Execution. Previously, there were infrequent issues in which updated scripts were not saved.
23151 TestPad Execution Time Tracking pop-up visible for Pro accounts, but unable to deactivate. This issue has been resolved.
19228 TestPad The TestPad will now show parameters/datasets imported from an excel file with multiple lines. The TestPad will no longer display the line break code (<br/) with the parameter/dataset on one line.
23688 TestPad Previously, when running multiple Test Runs in the TestPad, the Test Case details for each Test Run displays its associated Test Case ID. However, when selecting the Test Case ID of each Test Run, they would all point to the same Test Case of the first selected Test Run. This issue is now resolved.
19661 Test Run When updating Execution Type values, and then executing a Quick Run, the updated Execution Type values were not appearing. This has been resolved.
20533  Test Run Report The Export Test Run Reports will now only display the appropriate defect ID's in the Defect ID column.
17653 Test Run Report When exporting Test Run information from within Test Execution, user information will be exported successfully even if that user has not accepted their invite to qTest Manager. Previously, the "Assigned To" field was left empty in the exported Excel file if that assigned user had not accepted their invite.
18600 Data Query The Batch Approve Log Results will now provide accurate information.
22332 Test Log Notes entered on a Test Run were lost when editing a Test Log. This is now resolved. 





Attachments You can now successfully download Test Step attachments from the Test Case Details section of a Test Run.




Requirements now sync properly when a defect is submitted to JIRA.



Defects Tab In the Defects tab, the field alignment differs when viewing/creating a new defect. This is now resolved.


Jenkins When submitting JUnit Test Results back to qTest they will no longer get stuck in Jenkins with a Submission status of "in waiting."



API Token Previously, the Jenkins API Token would refresh and produce a new token. This caused the test results to not submit back to Jenkins. This has been fixed. 


API You can now receive the "notes" value of a TestLog while using a Get REST API call. This is now functioning as expected.
23522 API You can now set/update a Test Run's Test Case Version using the API.
23464 API The Edit Test Log API can be run by the Project Admin or Test Log's executor.
24096 API The Get all Test Runs API will return results to correct object.
19883 API The endpoint to update requirements now accepts "" (empty value), "null" (null value) and "[]" (empty array value) in the "field_value" of a "Multiple selection Box" field in a "PUT/api/v3/projects/{projectId}/requirements/{requirementId}" request.
22234 API The POST requests to the test-log API "/api/v3.1/projects/{projectId}/test-runs/{testRunId}/auto-test-logs" will now complete.

The API for batch approving called test cases now works. Previously, users were met with an error.


The performance of the Search Test Run API has been improved.


SQL injection improvement. 

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