qTest Insights 1.21.3 OnPremise Release Notes - Feb, 2019



Test Planned vs Tests Executed Report

Users can now create and edit Tests Planned vs Tests Executed reports. The report allows teams to easily view and keep track of Testing progress as it pertains to the number of Tests executed vs the number of Tests planned given a certain allotted time span.

For more information on how to configure, access, and navigate your Tests Planned vs Tests Executed Report, please refer to this article.

Note: The Global Filter is not available on this report due to your already configuring the report's Projects and Artifacts.


Edit and Replace Existing Saved Reports

Users to can now edit and replace an existing saved report.

There are two options: Save and Save as. If choosing the Save feature, you implement a hard replacement. Save as implements a new report with a new name. 

IMPORTANT: When you choose Save, you are completely replacing the Report, including bookmarks, scheduled Reports data, and the embedded script.

The Report Gallery is now the landing page for qTest Insights and offers more reporting tools and capabilities. 

Previously, the Analysis tab was the landing page, but as of this release, we have converted it into the Analysis Tag which lives within the Report Gallery. The already-existing Quality Analysis, Coverage Analysis, and Velocity Analysis reports have been moved into the Report Gallery with the Analysis Tag.


Note: You may see a green button in the right corner of the Report Gallery screen that asks if you would like to set your landing page to the Report Gallery. Select this button and confirm the change to move to the new view.

There is also a new drop-down menu from the Report Gallery tab that allows you to view the following Reports:

  • Quality
  • Coverage
  • Velocity
  • Defect Analysis
  • Portfolio Overview
  • Portfolio Progress
  • Tests Planned vs Executed

Enhanced Reports in Explore Data

Several Reports within Explore Data have been enhanced. The following Reports have had a Build Date Field added:

  • Test Runs
  • Requirements
  • Test Run Logs
  • Manager Combined/ qTest Manager
  • Manager Combined/ Jira
  • Manager Combined/ Rally

Global Filter Enhancement

The Global Filter has been enhanced and now includes additional configuration options, along with a "Ctrl+click" shortcut when selecting a parent object and intending to select all children objects underneath.

Additionally, you can now do the following within the Global Filter:

  • Select multiple Modules across different projects
  • Select multiple Test Cycles across different projects
  • Use a search function to find Modules and Test Cycles




Sharing Dashboards

You can now share dashboards without the Global Filter. This way, you can share a dashboard and not risk its data being edited by those with whom the dashboard is shared. To do so, when accessing your Shareable URL, select the Remove Global Filter checkbox.


New Test Run Status by Build Panel

A new Test Run Status by Build panel is available in the Dashboards>Test Run Gallery. It contains a stacked bar chart in which the Y-axis displays Test Execution Status and the X-axis displays the Build names sorted by Build Date. The panel also contains a date filter.

The following information displays as hover text for each status on the bar chart:

  • Specific Build name
  • Status
  • Build Date


Enhanced Test Case Automation Initiative Panel

The Test Case Automation Initiative by Release Panel has been enhanced with a new Test Case Type filter. 

Note: Existing Dashboards already including this Panel will remain unchanged. In order for the user to make use of the new filter, he or she must remove the old Panel and add a new Panel

Editing Saved Dashboards

You can now edit a saved Dashboard and its filters without having to create a brand new Dashboard. The modified Dashboard will also have the same shareable URL as it did prior to editing.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

 Ticket #  Component   Description
24225 Performance Optimize code of startup tasks in order for Insights to open faster from the 9box.
24520 Performance Enhanced loading time when opening saved "Explore Data" reports that contain formulas.
21460 Performance Improved performance for Explore Data/Defect Report.
 16880  Dashboards Dashboards are now fetching full sets of data for custom charts. Previously, there were infrequent occurrences in which custom charts added to the dashboard would only return some of the necessary data.
 20156  Rapid Dashboards The Rapid Dashboard URL now consistently generates successfully. Previously, there was an issue in which the Rapid Dashboard URL would not load after the stated fifteen minute wait time.
 21691  Reports There are no longer issues associated with generating scheduled reports. This was due to a bug in Logi versions 12.5 SP5 and above. We have downgraded to a non-bugged version of Logi for qTest Insights 1.21 to avoid this problem.
 20919  Dashboards Duplicate dashboards now contain proper data. Previously, duplicate dashboards were sometimes missing data from their original source.
IMPORTANT: If you currently have reports with the same name, they will still work. However, as of this release, you will not be allowed to create a new report with the same name as an already existing report.
 22551  Reports Data now correctly displays within both the Manager Combined Jira Report and the External Defect Jira Report. Previously, if users were using non-standard defect fields, data would not correctly display.
 23150  Reports Summary tables now appear when sending Reports to your email. Previously, due to a bug from within Logi version 12.5.241-SP8, summary tables were not properly fetched for email-sharing. We have downgraded to a non-bugged version of Logi for qTest Insights 1.21 so to avoid this problem. 
 23171  Reports The previously-named "Jira Reported" field has been renamed to "Jira Reporter Field."
 21810  Dashboards qTest Insights no longer displays a 500-error when adding Shared Dashboards. 
21877 Reports Excel extraction of saved reports has been improved. The extraction speed and load time have been bolstered.
23364 Dashboards The drill-down for the External Defect Status chart now displays properly. Previously, customers would sometimes be hit with an error message.
23615 Reports The numbers associated with Test Cases are now properly aligned in their column within the "Check Manual Test Cases" chart. Previously, these numbers were slightly out of alignment.



Defects Jira Defect Data is no longer being duplicated in Explore Data. 
 NA  Reports The chart drill-down for the Test Planned vs Executed report will now contain results. 



Reports The External Defects Report no longer displays duplicate defects.
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