Manager 9.5.1+ OnDemand Release Notes

Manager 9.5.7 March 15, 2019

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket # Component Description
20535 Performance/
Test Execution
Test Execution now loads quicker.
23375 Performance/
Test Execution/
Test Design
Test Design and Test Execution now loads quicker in a primary qTest Project with a large number of assignees.

Manager 9.5.6-1 March 8, 2019

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket # Component Description
NA Database Crucial database function has been improved.

Manager 9.5.6 March 8, 2019

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket # Component Description
20606 API The /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/comments endpoint will no longer return comments associated with a deleted object, i.e. Requirement, Test Case, or Test Run. 
24878 Test Design Users with the "Edit" permission for Modules, Requirements, and Test Case artifacts are now able to drag and drop a module successfully. 


Manager 9.5.5 February 28, 2019

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket Component Description
17690 Accounts Certain accounts that were incorrectly locked have been made accessible.
23782 Attachments Word document attachments on defects now display properly when opened.
24884 Data Query the Data Query operator "not contains" now works for external id.

Manager 9.5.4 February 22, 2019

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket Component Description
20988 Excel Import, Test Design Importing Test Cases from Excel is now faster and more efficient.
24870 History There is now a functioning scroll bar in the History tab.
21711 Test Execution You can now successfully set the number of rows/items that appear within the Release, Test Cycle, and Test Suite grids.
22531 Report Export You can now export Test Run Reports successfully, no matter how many Test Runs you are reporting on.
23298 API The GET Test Run API now works when you specify the expand property as "descendants" and your parent type=test-cycle. Previously, the response did not include the Test Runs of child folders.
23684 Email Notifications Test Case notification emails now send successfully. 
23819 Test Execution History There are no longer any issues loading Test Execution results for automated Test Runs.

Manager 9.5.3 February 14, 2019

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket # Component Description
20246 Test Plan The filter icon on the Test Plan page now includes a tooltip when you hover over the icon.
22687 Licenses qTest now supports user emails with a .tech email domain. 
18600 Data Query The Batch Approve Log Results will now provide accurate information.
22234 API The POST requests to the test-log API "/api/v3.1/projects/{projectId}/test-runs/{testRunId}/auto-test-logs" will now complete.
21893 Email Invite The user invitation email is updated to remove incorrect apostrophe encoding.
23689 Test Plan Previously, if a test case name contains the keyword "Hidden Exclusions," then the test case name was hidden from the "Linked Test Case" list in the Resource section of a Requirement.
23688 Test Pad Previously, when running multiple Test Runs in the Test Pad, the Test Case details for each Test Run displays its associated Test Case ID. However, when selecting the Test Case ID of each Test Run, they would all point to the same Test Case of the first selected Test Run. This issue is now resolved.
23856 Jenkins When submitting JUnit Test Results back to qTest, they will no longer get stuck in Jenkins, with a Submission status of "in waiting."


Manager 9.5.2 January 30, 2019

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket # Component Description
22607 qTest API The Update Requirements API will now no longer return a 500 error.
23464 qTest API The Edit Test Log API can be run by the Project Admin or Test Log's executor.
24096 qTest API The Get all Test Runs API will return results to correct object.
22889 Logs Sensitive properties will be stored as "*" in the log files.
21607 Test Execution Quick Run is improved to load faster.


Manager 9.5.1 January 29, 2019


Jira Issue Page Enhancement for Test Run Status

The qTest: Test Execution plugin, in the Jira Issue page, is enhanced to now show a status of "No TR" in the event a Test Case has no associated Test Runs that match the Status filter(s) you select.

Search API Updated for Test Runs

The Search API, /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/search is updated to include a new operator IN for object_types="test-runs". This new operator allows you to specify an array of Test Run ID's. The query output is all Test Runs that have ID's that match with one of the ID's specified in the array.
Note: This new operator does not show up in the Test Execution Data Query when viewing in the GUI.

Example: "query": "'id' in' [123,456,789]'"

qTest for Jira Test Management Add-On Improved

The qTest for Jira Test Management add-on is improved to solve potential conflicts with other Jira add-on's. Previously, defects entered in qTest and submitted to Jira were not displaying properly due to conflicting behavior with other Jira add-ons.

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