Launch 1.4.3 On Premise Release Notes - February 28, 2019


Scheduling Jobs in Launch

You can now schedule Test Executions from qTest Launch.

With this feature comes the ability to search directly for Requirements, Test Cases, or Test Runs. After selecting the Schedule Test iconthe "Schedule Test Runs: Select Cases" dialog displays. Here, you can do the following: 

  • Enter the name of the new schedule job
  • Select executing project
  • Select an Agent from a specific host to execute the job
  • Filter objects to schedule tests by project and object type (Requirements, Test Cases or Test Runs)
  • Search for object(s) by name
  • Choose a location for your Test Results

Users can also view Job Schedules and their summaries from within qTest Launch.

For more information on scheduling Test Executions in Launch, refer to this article.

Enhanced Job Management

You can now cancel NOT_RUN jobs as well as delete planned or canceled jobs.

New Universal Agent Parsers

The following Universal Agent Parsers have been added:

  • Cucumber JUnit: this parser parses results generated by Cucumber under JUnit format.
  • NUnit: this parser parses results generated by .NET-based test frameworks (NUnit, xUnit, MsTest test).
  • JMeter: this parser parses results generated by JMeter test.

Upgraded NodeJS

NodeJS has been upgraded to version 10.12.  

Bug Fixes and Improvements


Ticket # Component Description
23260 Launch When running a Shell Agent, the Test Runs list is no longer empty.
NA Launch Cache control has been improved.
NA Launch Cookie attributes have been reset for optimal security.


User guide updates

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