Insights 1.21.1+ OnDemand Release Notes

Insights 1.21.14 OD January 14, 2020

Bug Fixes

Ticket Component Description
35977, 35979 Shared Reports An issue has been fixed for shared Insights reports that produced a bookmark error.

Insights 1.21.13 OD December 19, 2019

Bug Fixes

Ticket Component Description
30227 Saved Reports/Schedule An issue has been fixed in which scheduled Insights reports did not run properly.
32800 Saved Report/Send NowSaved Reports/Schedule An issue has been fixed in which HTML format reports sent by email were displaying empty.
32868   An issue has been fixed in which saved personal Insights reports could not be accessed.
33049 Explore Data/Defects (Linked)Settings/Jira Defect Custom Fields The Due Date Jira field now appears correctly in Insights reports.
33217 Coverage Analysis The Coverage table is now showing the filtered requirements according to the global filter.
33317 Dashboards An issue has been fixed in which multi-selection custom site fields were taking too long to load.

Insights 1.21.12 OD September 25, 2019

Bug Fixes

Ticket Component Description
27575 Explore Data Changing the "Max Rows" value on a report from the default value of 500 to another selection no longer results in data not loading properly.
30844 Rapid Dashboard There is no longer a problem with Rapid Dashboards causing them to automatically update to an untitled dashboard without any charts.
30268 Saved Reports/ Schedule Dates in scheduled PDF reports are now successfully kept up to date.
31609 Embed Feature/ Explore Data There is no longer an issue that causes an Insights embed script to fail to generate chart images.
32048 Explore Data/ Test Run An issue has been fixed that caused Custom Field Data to not display properly in the Manager Combined Report.

Insights 1.21.11 OD September 8th, 2019

Bug Fixes

Ticket Component Description
26769 Dashboards The data segregation works normally within Insights Dashboards.
27081 Rapid Dashboard There is no longer an issue with the Rapid Dashboard URL getting created.

Explore Data/ Test Run

The planned time for Test Runs with a status of "Unexecuted" now displays correct information.
31042 Dashboards Data now displays correctly in the Automation Execution Dashboard.
31081 Quality Analysis Information concerning configuration fields now displays correctly in the Quality Analysis Report.
31339 Explore Data/ Defects (Linked), Explore Data/ Test Run There are no longer discrepancies within the the Explore Data Defects (Linked) and Test Run Reports.

Insights 1.21.10 OD August 7th, 2019

Performance Enhancements

  • Ticket 29090: We have optimized the execution time of the Test Run Explore Data report.

Bug Fixes

Ticket Component Description
26773 Export There is no longer an issue with exporting reports in the Explore Data Test Run report.
28125, 30844, 26664 Dashboard There is no longer an issue with Dashboards disappearing. 
30046 Custom Charts, Embed Feature, Saved Reports We have resolved an issue with inconsistent Insights Graph Data due to timezone issues.
28161 Reports Planned Time is now present on Insights Reports when added on Test Execution.
28874 Requirements Data There is no longer a JSON parse error while generating Requirements Test Run Coverage
29445 Dashboards When renaming dashboards in "Manage Dashboard," the new name can now contain spaces.
29535 Embed Feature There is no longer an issue with embedded dashboards being blank on the initial load.

Insights 1.21.9 OD July 8th, 2019

Enhancements and New Features

New VersionOne Fields in Explore Data

There are two new Explore Data Fields that will populate in both the Manager Combined/VersionOne and the Defects (external)/ VersionOne sections of Explore Data:

  • V1 Project Begin Date
  • V1 Project End Date

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket # Component Description
28892 Dashboards The Dashboard Global Filter's "Test Cycle" section now refreshes upon the changing of your project.

Insights 1.21.8 OD June 18, 2019

Security Enhancements

Parameter Manipulation

We have checked each report to make sure that users only have access to data that they have been given permission to view.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket # Component


26414 Saved Reports You can now Save and Save as successfully after making a change to a report.
 27969 Dashboards Saving a Dashboard no longer triggers an improper Dashboard name change.
 26341  Dashboards Opening or changing to a new Tab no longer causes Projects in the Global Filter to disappear in Insights Dashboard or Confluence Cloud.
26309 Dashboards The list of the Test Case types in the drop-down menu now matches the Test Case types listed in qTest Manager.
27165 Editing a Saved Report You can now Save while editing a report. Previously, the Save button would occasionally disappear while editing a report.

Insights 1.21.7 May 22, 2019

New Features and Enhancements

Manager Combined Reports with VersionOne Data

You can now create Manager Combined Reports using VersionOne data. For more information on Manager Combined Reports, refer to this article.

Note: All of the VersionOne fields will, by default, not be selected when you first open the Manager combined report. You will need to select the fields yourself if you want to include them in your report.

VersionOne Data in the Explore Data Defects (External) Section

VersionOne data can now be reported on from within the Explore Data Defects (External) section.


There have been two VersionOne fields added to the Explore Data Defects (External) section:

  • V1 Project (Standard Field)
  • Severity (Custom Field)
    • Note: Only users who have defined a VersionOne Custom Field "Severity" will see the "Severity" field populate in Explore Data.


New "Release Date" Standard Fields in Explore Data

Both the "qTest Release Start Date" and the "qTest Release End Date" standard fields have been added to the following Explore Data sections:

  • Requirements
  • Test Runs
  • Test Run Logs
  • Manager Combined

These additions allow you to report on the standard "Release Date" fields across all reports within Explore Data.

Insights 1.21.6 May 07, 2019

New Features and Enhancements

New Canned Reports

Insights 1.21.6 OnDemand offers five new Dashboard Gallery Panels:

  • Test Execution Latest Result
  • Test Case Status by Project
  • Defect Status by Project
  • Defect (qTest) by Priority by Project
  • Defect (qTest) by Impact

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket # Component Description
26235 Embedded Reports You can now successfully embed reports with charts and crosstabs. Previously, charts were disappearing from embedded reports.

Insights 1.21.5 April 5 2019

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket Component Description
26131 Dashboards Charts in dashboards now appear correctly.
26402 Dashboards/ Jira Charts that use Jira fields now display correctly after saved in Dashboards.
26661, 26774, 26659 Explore Data/Test Case, Explore Data/Test Run Data retrieval issues in Explore Data have been resolved. 
26062 Velocity Report Alignment issues for overall stats within the Velocity Report have been resolved.
26691 Dashboards Issues related to the presentation of Dashboard Panels have been fixed.

Insights 1.21.4 April 1st, 2019


Designer Mode

There is a new Designer Mode available for all Explore Data Reports. When a user opens a report, the report will load in Designer Mode. You can build charts, define formulas, add filters, etc. From there, you can select the Run Report option, and all of that report's inputs would execute.


Test Case Type Monthly Trend Panel

We have added a Test Case Type Monthly Trend Panel to the Dashboard Gallery. With this, you are able to report on the general trend of Test Case types per month.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket Component Description
25718 Performance/Filter There have been performance enhancements associated with the use of filters in Insights.
23724 Reports Insights Reports saved as PDF's now show all necessary fields.
25317 Global Filter The Global Filter now works properly when using IE11.
22488 Explore Data There are no longer errors associated with Explore Data's Test Run Data when using a field whose site-field value is set to Korean.
24331 Scheduled Report There is no longer an issue associated with Scheduled Reports being sent as PDF's when requesting XLS's.
24560 Explore Data/Crosstabs There is no longer an issue associated with using "Assigned to" as the "Label Values Column" in a Crosstab. Previously, there were instances in which multiple people showed up in one cell.
24623 Portfolio Jira Custom Fields show correctly in Portfolio.
26173 Explore Data Explore Data and Global Filters were not working properly in Chrome: Version 73.0.3683.75 (Official Build) (64-bit). This has been resolved.

Insights March 7, 2019

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket Component Description
24765 Performance/Defect External Jira Report Performance issues are now resolved when pulling JIRA bugs to create a dashboard.


Insights 1.21.3 February 18, 2019

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket Component Description
24489, 23900  Reports The External Defects Report no longer displays duplicate defects.
24520 Performance Enhanced loading time when opening saved "Explore Data" reports that contain formulas.
24225 Performance Optimize code of startup tasks in order for Insights to open faster from the 9box.


Insights 1.21.2 January 29, 2019


Editing Saved Dashboards

You can now edit a saved Dashboard and its filters without having to create a brand new Dashboard. The modified Dashboard will also have the same shareable URL as it did prior to editing.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket # Component Description
 23364  Dashboards The drill-down for the External Defect Status chart now displays properly. Previously, customers would sometimes be hit with an error message.
23615 Explore Data PDF Report The numbers associated with Test Cases are now properly aligned in their column within the "Check Manual Test Cases" chart. Previously, these numbers were slightly out of alignment.


Insights 1.21.1 January 17, 2019


Enhanced Test Case Automation Initiative Panel

The Test Case Automation Initiative by Release Panel has been enhanced with a new Test Case Type filter.

Note: Existing Dashboards already including this Panel will remain unchanged. In order for the user to make use of the new filter, he or she must remove the old Panel and add a new Panel.

Enhanced Reports in Explore Data

Several Reports within Explore Data have been enhanced for performance purposes. The following Reports have had a Build Date Field added:

  • Test Runs
  • Requirements
  • Test Run Logs
  • Manager Combined/ qTest Manager
  • Manager Combined/ Jira
  • Manager Combined/ Rally

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket # Component Description
 21877  Saved Reports/ Excel Extract Excel extraction of saved reports has been improved. The extraction speed and load time have been bolstered.
21460 Performance Improved performance for Explore Data/Defect Report.


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