Scenario 2.2.1+ OD


Changing the qTest Site from within Scenario

You can now change the linked qTest site from within Scenario. This is helpful for Administrators who may work within multiple qTest sites, and also helps Admins better activate Enterprise Features.

Auto-scanning Source Code

Developers can now auto-scan Scenario source code in order to detect Open Source issues.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket # Component Description
1 Jira Access

Users within a private Jira instance with Read-only access can now view Scenarios. Previously, these users needed Editor access in order to view Scenarios from within a private Jira instance.

2 Feature Files

Feature file searching has been improved. Users can now search for a feature file from within a subfolder and link that feature file to a ticket. Previously, users could only search for feature files from outside of the subfolder and were unable to select or link to tickets.


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