Manager 9.4.1+ OnDemand Release Notes

Manager 9.4.3 January 16, 2019

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Ticket # Component Description
18952 Notification Event The Status field will no longer be automatically selected when editing a Test Run notification event.



Defects Tab In the Defects tab, the field alignment differs when viewing/creating a new defect. This is now resolved.



API Token Previously, the Jenkins API Token would refresh and produce a new token. This caused the test results to not submit back to Jenkins. This has been fixed. 
22178 User Groups Pop-up message typo is now fixed.
22332 Test Log Notes entered on a Test Run were lost when editing a Test Log. This is now resolved. 
22486 Users Usernames with only one or two characters were unable to be saved. This is fixed.
22599 Test Plan Previously, with a Jira integrated project, if no Release start/end date was defined in Jira then the Release start/end date applied in qTest was the date that the project synced. This led to issues when creating a Build date outside of the sync date. An improvement has been made that will set the Build date to the Release Start Date, and in the event the Jira Release Start Date is empty, the qTest Release Start Date will inherit from the Project Date. 
23151 Test Pad Execution Time Tracking pop-up visible for Pro accounts, but unable to deactivate. This issue has been resolved.
23522 API You can now set/update a Test Run's Test Case Version using the API.
19019 Test Case We have enhanced the Parameters dropdown to include a 'More Choices' option in the event you have more than 10 parameter values that match your search criteria. Previously, when adding parameters to a Test Case, you could not see more than 10 parameter values in the drop-down list. 


Manager 9.4.2 January 7, 2019

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Ticket # Component Description
19228 Test Pad The Test pad will now show parameters/datasets imported from an excel file with multiple lines. The Test pad will no longer display the line break code (<br/) with the parameter/dataset on one line.
18436 SSO Login Previously, if a user had a Manager login with uppercase/lowercase characters in their email address and only lowercase characters in their SSO email address, then the login page would produce an error and not allow the user to merge accounts. This has been resolved. 
19661 Test Run When updating Execution Type values, and then executing a Quick Run, the updated Execution Type values were not appearing. This has been resolved.





Attachments You can now successfully download Test Step attachments from the Test Case Details section of a Test Run.



Test Execution The Test Run statuses will now match for the Execution Summary graph and data table on the Statistics tab of Test Execution. 


Manager 9.4.1-1 31 December 2018

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • The API for batch approving called test cases now works. Previously, users were met with an error.

Manager 9.4.1 December 27, 2018


More Flexible Dates in the Sample Project

In the qConnect Sample Project, the project dates are more dynamic. This allows Site Administrators to reset the Sample Project and keep the dates time values as close to the Project reset date as possible.

Enhancements to the Jira iFrame

The Jira iFrame has been enhanced and now has both an improved drop-down menu design and realigned column proportions. The enhanced drop-down menu makes for a Jira iFrame experience that is more Jira-native.

New and Enhanced API's

Developers using the Offline Runner can now batch submit Test Logs using an API. 

The performance of the Search Test Run API has been improved.

New qTest App Link

The qTest Resources page now houses a download link for the qTest App. Read here for more information about the new qTest App. 

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