Insights 1.21 OnDemand Release Notes-January 9, 2019


Report Gallery Enhancements 

The Report Gallery is now the landing page for qTest Insights and offers more reporting tools and capabilities. 

Previously, the Analysis tab was the landing page, but as of this release, we have converted it into the Analysis Tag which lives within the Report Gallery. The already-existing Quality Analysis, Coverage Analysis, and Velocity Analysis reports have been moved into the Report Gallery with the Analysis Tag.


Note: You may see a green button in the right corner of the Report Gallery screen that asks if you would like to set your landing page to the Report Gallery. Select this button and confirm the change to move to the new view. All customers will be moved to the new view with the upcoming release of 1.22. 

There is also a new drop-down menu from the Report Gallery tab that allows you to view the following Reports:

  • Quality
  • Coverage
  • Velocity
  • Defect Analysis
  • Portfolio Overview
  • Portfolio Progress
  • Tests Planned vs Executed

New Test Run Status by Build Panel

A new Test Run Status by Build panel is available in the Dashboards>Test Run Gallery. It contains a stacked bar chart in which the Y-axis displays Test Execution Status and the X-axis displays the Build names sorted by Build Date. The panel also contains a date filter.

The following information displays as hover text for each status on the bar chart:

  • Specific Build name
  • Status
  • Build Date


Bug Fixes and Improvements

Ticket # Description
21691 There are no longer issues associated with generating scheduled reports. This was due to a bug in Logi versions 12.5 SP5 and above. We have downgraded to a non-bugged version of Logi for qTest Insights 1.21 to avoid this problem.
20919 Duplicate dashboards now contain proper data. Previously, duplicate dashboards were sometimes missing data from their original source.
IMPORTANT: If you currently have reports with the same name, they will still work. However, as of this release, you will not be allowed to create a new report with the same name as an already existing report.
22551 Data now correctly displays within both the Manager Combined Jira Report and the External Defect Jira Report. Previously, if users were using non-standard defect fields, data would not correctly display.
23150 Summary tables now appear when sending Reports to your email. Previously, due to a bug from within Logi version 12.5.241-SP8, summary tables were not properly fetched for email-sharing. We have downgraded to a non-bugged version of Logi for qTest Insights 1.21 so to avoid this problem. 
23171 The previously-named "Jira Reported" field has been renamed to "Jira Reporter Field."
21810 qTest Insights no longer displays a 500-error when adding Shared Dashboards. 
NA The chart drill-down for the Test Planned vs Executed report will now contain results. 



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