qTest App Release Notes - December 31, 2018


We are pleased to announce the official release of the qTest App, which is a native application that allows testers to execute tests outside of the full browser-based experience of qTest Manager. This product is suitable for testers who need to test in non-traditional environments including areas without access to the internet or their On Premise network. Under these conditions, testers are unable to access qTest Manager through their browser but still need to perform their tests and track their results.

Even if a tester can access the internet, he or she may not actually want to use qTest Manager. The qTest App's simplified experience strips down all the "bells and whistles" of qTest Manager, which makes it easier for QA Leaders to incorporate Non-QA Testers into their testing projects. Non-QA Testers benefit from an experience that focuses on just test execution without becoming overwhelmed by the full qTest Manager UI. QA Leaders benefit from a wider group of participants in their testing projects.

New Features

The first release of qTest App comes with a promise of features. In a nutshell, this means that you can now download test runs to device, execute them without the need to have internet access and upload execution results to qTest Manager later.

See the qTest App User Guide for full details.

Known Issues - Limitations

  • qTest Manager domain cannot be validated as you are allowed to provide their qTest OnPremise domain. In case you provide valid username and password but still cannot access to qTest App, please double check and make sure qTest Manager domain is correct.
  • Login with SSO or LDAP credential is currently not supported.
  • Some features require internet access for working. If internet access is interrupted during such feature's process, it will be reported as failed but processed data will be not be removed and will be displayed in qTest App.
  • When downloading test run to qTest App, if the test run is created from a shared test case, test case's attachments cannot be downloaded to the device.
  • qTest Manager does not allow you to upload attachments which are larger than 50MB. qTest App does not validate this yet so you should not add test log attachments over the size limit. The over sized files will not be uploaded to qTest but no information message displays for now.
  • When adding attachments to Test Run's attachment tab, the first attachment in the attachment list will be selected and displayed by default instead of the most recently added attachment.
  • You are still able to submit test logs to read-only test runs (test runs whose associated test case is no longer shared or test runs with parameters without selected values).
  • When uploading test logs contain lots of attachments or big sized attachments, you may receive failed reports but the test logs and attachments still can be uploaded successfully to qTest Manager.
  • In some cases, test run's selected execution status is not removed after test log was upload to qTest Manager. It only happens when you try to upload a single test log. This is because of the cache so you just need to click on the "Refresh" test run button.
  • qTest App's data are not synced real time with qTest Manager. To reflect the latest data in qTest Manager, user can Log Out then Log In again or Close App and access to the app again.
  • Layout could be broken if text typed data are too long.
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