Scenario 2.2.0 OD Release Notes 02 January, 2018


Gitlab Support

qTest Scenario now supports all versions of Gitlab, which includes:

  • Gitlab Cloud
  • Gitlab Enterprise Edition
  • Gitlab Community Edition

Note: Only one git provider can be used per Jira Project, but multiple repos may be used per git provider across multiple projects. For example, if you have a Jira Project (P1) and you have repos in both Gitlab Cloud and Bitbucket, you will only be able to use one of them for P1. But, if you have two Jira Projects (P1 and P2), and they both use the same provider, they can fetch data from multiple repos from within that same provider.

Note: When integrating Scenario with Gitlab, you must use a Personal Access Token and not a password. For information on how to access your Personal Access Token, please refer to this article.

Gitlab support has the same functionality that both GitHub and Bitbucket currently have in Scenario. So, Jira Admins are able to:

  • Add a Gitlab repo
  • Set up and select a default branch from their Gitlab instance

Non-admin users in Jira are able to:

  • Create features for Jira tickets
  • Link and unlink feature files
  • Switch branches
  • Switch repos
  • Search feature file
    • IMPORTANT: This is an optional ability and depends on the Gitlab api/sdk.

IMPORTANT: Users cannot change an already existing feature file's name from within Jira.

Enhanced Search Capabilities 

Users can also search for feature files faster by searching from within the Scenario UI. Previously, users had to search from within the git Provider API.


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