Best Practices for Security Configurations


This article provides the information you might require based on your organization's security needs.

Password Configuration

Password configurations are established in the Security tab of qTest Administration. The default password lifetime is 75 days.

Read this article for information on qTest password configurations. Note, advanced password configurations will be available in qTest 9.4, which releases late December 2018.

Single Sign-On Configurations 

Should your organization require 2 Factor Authentication, you will need to integrate with SAML in order to set up 2FA.

If you need more controls in your password configurations and want to bypass the qTest Manager password configuration, please use the Single Sign-On Configuration option. 

Read this article for instructions on how to configure the application SAML in qTest's SSO integration page.

Session Timeouts

The default session timeout is 60 minutes, however, you can manage your session timeouts. Read this article for instructions. 

ALM Integrations

The links below provide information on how to establish your ALM integrations with qTest.

If you are using API's to integrate with your ALM's, please read this article to understand how to use our interactive API documentation. 

Incident Response 

In the event, you should need to end an active user’s session and reset their password, you can do so within qTest Manager. These instructions will explain the process:

  • End an Active Session-note, you will need the Global Permission of Manage Client Users to end an active session.
  • Reset a Password
    • IMPORTANT: Resetting a user's password will reset all of that user's tokens.
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