Setup a Shared Server and Directory Using SMB-Windows


The Shared Directory is used anytime you are deploying qTest applications on more than one server where you have files that may need to be shared among services. These files can be supported by a distributed file system like NFS or SMB. The instructions below include setting up your Shared Server and a Shared Directory using SMB.

Note: SMB is the preferred application for Windows. If your organization is already set up with NFS and you need to reference the NFS information, read these instructions. 

Setup Shared Server

Access the Shared Server (whose private IP address is and install the following applications and/or packages.

Install PostgreSQL

qTest requires PostgreSQL database engine 9.5 or 9.6 (preferred) to be installed. Skip this step if you have already installed PostgreSQL.

Go to this page to download PostgreSQL. After downloading, run the installer to install PostgreSQL on the Shared Server.

Configure PostgreSQL

Make sure you enable remote access to PostgreSQL database server. 

  1. Open file C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\<version>\data\pg_hba.conf. Note: replace <version> place holder with the actual version that you have installed.
  2. Look for the following line and if it does not exist, append the line to the file.
    host all all md5
    host all all ::1/0 md5
  3. Your C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\<version>\data\pg_hba.conf now looks like below:
  4. Open the file C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\<version>\data\postgresql.conf.
  5. Look for the following line, and if it does not exist, append it to the file:
    listen_addresses = '*'
  6. Save and close the file when you have finished.

Restart PostgreSQL Service

Restart PostgreSQL service for the changes to take effect.
Important: By default, PostgreSQL runs on port 5432. You will configure the firewall for this later.

  1. Open the Start menu, and locate your Windows System.
  2. Select Run and type services.msc to open the Services window.
  3. Assume you have installed PostgreSQL 9.5, therefore, on the Services window look for the service named postgresql-x64-9.5.
  4. Right-click on the postgresql-x64-9.5 service and select Restart in the popup menu.



Configure the Shared Directory

Prerequisite: You have already installed an application node on a machine.

  1. Right-click on the Data Directory that you want to share with other machines, and select Properties.
  2. In the Properties dialog, select the Security tab.
  3. You need to share the directory with a group, or usernames with both Read & Write permission. (Depending on the policy of your company, you may choose a group or usernames to share the file.)
  4. Select Edit to change the permissions or edit the usernames/group.
  5. The Permissions dialog opens, and use the checkboxes to allow both Read and Write permissions.
  6. Should you need to add additional objects to these permissions, select the Add button.
    • The Select Users, Computers, Service Accounts, or Groups dialog opens and you can edit the objects here.
  7. Select OK on the Properties dialog and then Apply the settings on the Shared Directory

Map the Shared Directory on other Machines

  1. Right-click on the Shared Directory, and select Properties.
  2. In the Properties dialog, select the Sharing tab.
  3. Copy the Network Path.
  4. You will use the Network Path of the Shared Directory to set the Data Directory of each application node where attachments are stored.
    Note: You will need to use \\ instead of \ in the path. 
    Example: My Network Path is \\QAS55103\qTest_SMB therefore, the path I will put on the data’s value is \\\\QAS55103\\qTest_SMB.

In qtestctl, there are 2 configurations that can use the UNC Path:

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