Automation Host 2.2.1 Release Notes - December 6, 2018


Automation Host 2.2.1 must be installed to use Launch 1.4.1, yet, it is backward compatible with Launch.


This version of the Automation Host includes the following enhancements:

  • The Automation Host 2.2.1 is now HTTPS friendly.
  • You can execute tests from the Automation Host, via its agents, and run your tests in Command Prompt / Terminal and the owner of the project directory will not change.
  • The Universal Agent editor now includes color coding. 

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Ticket 19520: Jetty Server updated to remedy vulnerability found in Jetty Server v9.2.
  • Ticket 21393: Intermittent errors when trying to edit a host or 'Poll Now' are resolved.
  • The Node package will be extracted the first time the Automation Host starts.
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