JIRA Cloud Connection--Important Deprecation Notice for Username/Password Method


Atlassian is deprecating the username/password method for integrated tools to connect with JIRA Cloud. As a result, qTest customers who use the username/password option must switch to the JIRA API Token or the OAuth method to connect to JIRA Cloud by December 1, 2018.

This required action needs to be done for each qTest project that is integrated with JIRA Cloud.

You have two options:

  1. Switch from username/password to the JIRA API Token which is explained in this article.
    NOTE: This option is newly available with qTest Manager 9.3. If you are using a version of qTest older than 9.3, we recommend that you switch to the Jira OAuth approach instead

  2. For added security, or if using a version of qTest older than 9.3, you can switch from username/password to JIRA OAuth. Please read those instructions in this order:
    1. Configure JIRA Cloud with JIRA OAuth
    2. Edit an Existing JIRA Cloud Connection to use JIRA OAuth

Customers who are already connected to Jira Cloud MUST edit their existing connection to switch from their basic password to use either the OAuth or the API Token. To avoid duplicating data, we recommend that users DO NOT create brand new connections. Read the instructions below to edit your existing connection. 

Edit an Existing JIRA Connection to use the API Token

If you have an existing integration connection and want to use the API Token, follow these instructions. 

  1. Navigate to the qTest project, and select the gear icon in the toolbar.
  2. Select Integration Settings. The "Configure Integrations" page displays.
  3. Select JIRA in the External Systems panel. The "Configure Integration: JIRA" page displays

  4. In the Connection Name column, select the blue hyperlink of your Jira Integration name
  5. The Add Jira Connection dialog opens, and select the blue hyperlink for 'Instructions to create an API token' which redirects you to the Atlassian instructions.
  6. Once you retrieve the API Token, enter it in the Password or Token field. 
  7. Select the Test JIRA Connection button.
  8. When the connection is tested, you can select Save and Configure.
    NOTE:  If you receive an error message after clicking the Save and Configure button, see the Common Roadblocks 
  9. The 'Configure Connection' page displays.  From this screen, you can both configure defect integration with JIRA and import requirements from JIRA.


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