Additional Sessions 4.2.1 Load Balance Configuration-Docker


This article provides the information to modify your file to include an 'add content-security-policy' response header.

Using this response header is REQUIRED in the event you meet ALL of the criteria below:

  • load balancing qTest Sessions 4.2.1
  • using F5 Load Balancer
  • using Internet Explorer to access qTest Sessions

After installing the application node, you should modify the file to include the response header seen below in the screenshot. This step is necessary for each Sessions 4.2.1 application node you install/upgrade.

Modify File

  1. You need to modify the file manually using the code below:
    param="[{\\\"name\\\":\\\"Content-Security-Policy\\\",\\\"value\\\":\\\"default-src * 'unsafe-eval' 'unsafe-inline';font-src * data:;img-src * blob: data:;object-src * \\\"}]"
  2. Append this line to put "$app" 'envs' ... section. Save.
    -e RESPONSE_HEADERS=\"$param\" \
    your now looks like below, note the added code are highlightedconfigure_response_header_for_sessions.png
  3. Resume Configuration for Sessions 4.2.1 Load Balance Configuration here.
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