Insights OD 1.20


Global Filter Enhancement

The Global Filter has been enhanced and now includes additional configuration options, along with a "Ctrl+click" shortcut when selecting a parent object and intending to select all children objects underneath.

Additionally, you can now do the following within the Global Filter:

  • Select multiple Modules across different projects
  • Select multiple Test Cycles across different projects
  • Use a search function to find Modules and Test Cycles


Test Planned vs Tests Executed Report

Users can now create and edit Tests Planned vs Tests Executed reports. The report allows teams to easily view and keep track of Testing progress as it pertains to the number of Tests executed vs the number of Tests planned given a certain allotted time span.

For more information on how to configure, access, and navigate your Tests Planned vs Tests Executed Report, please refer to this article.

Note: The Global Filter is not available on this report due to your already configuring the report's Projects and Artifacts.


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