Site Administration Overview for Versions Earlier than 9.3


This overview is for qTest Manager 9.2.7 and previous releases. For a Site Administration overview for 9.3 or newer releases, refer to this article.

qTest Site Administration is a location that is only accessible by a Site Administrator user profile. In this area, you can invite users, set up projects, and control global access to the qTest Manager Platform. 

Access Site Administration

Select your user profile, and chose Administration from the drop-down menu.

Sections of Site Administration 

  1. Projects: Create, edit, and clone projects for qTest Manager.
  2. Reports: Legacy reporting module.  Users should use qTest Insights. 
  3. Project Groups: Legacy cross-project reporting module.  Users should use qTest Insights.
  4. Authentication Integration: Used to set up LDAP and SSO.
  5. User Profiles: Create and modify user profiles. 
  6. Licenses - Users: Invite users to qTest Manager Platform and assign projects. 
  7. Test Run Configuration Settings: Setup global test run configurations. 
  8. Security: Password management and audit logs.
  9. System Configuration: Global time settings and qTest Insights dashboard views.

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