Launch 1.3.2 OnPremise Release Notes - November 2018

New Features

This release includes the new Universal Agent that allows you to integrate your test automation workflow to qTest Automation Host by setting up an execution workflow with pre-defined execution scripts and commands. Your test results will be submitted to qTest Manager by the Universal Agent.


  • The Universal Agent is only available from Automation Host 2.1.x and later. Upon upgrade to Automation Host 2.1.x, your previously created agents (ex: ShellAgent, TestNG) will still be visible and work as they did before you upgrade.
  • The Universal Agent is only available for Elite customers

Example execution workflow for the Universal Agent:

  1. Setup test environment.
  2. Pull your source code from a source control.
  3. Execute the tests.
  4. Submit test results to qTest Manager.

To learn more about the Universal Agent and how to create and implement this new agent, check out this article: Universal Agent Overview.


Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Previously, on the' Jobs & Schedule' tab, the PLANNED scheduled job isn't removed when deleting all scheduled test runs. This is fixed.
  • After deleting an offline host from the host list, the number of offline host did not decrease by 1. 
  • Previously, Launch did not update the IP address of the automation host when the IP address changed. This is now resolved.
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