Admin Profile


An Admin Profile grants users specific permissions across projects, such as the permission to create projects or to manage system configurations. The Admin Profile concept is used in qTest Manager 9.2.7 and previously released versions. If you are using qTest Manager 9.3 or later, read the User Groups article. 

qTest Manager provides several Admin Profiles out of the box, but you can modify and add more profiles to suit your needs.   An example Admin Profile is below:

  • Administrators: This Admin Profile (also referred to as Site Administrator) has all administrative permissions by default.  The individual who signed up for the account will automatically have this profile, but you can also grant other users with this profile as well.  You cannot customize the permissions for this profile, as qTest Manager business rules depend on this profile.  If you would like to customize an Admin Profile, you can create a new Admin Profile (see instructions below).


  • We recommend limiting the number of Site Administrators to minimize making changes across your account.  Similarly, we recommend limiting the number of Project Admins per project.
  • Although Site Administrators can create projects and manage users, they are not automatically added to every project.  If you are a Site Administrator and want to work on a project, make sure you are added to that project.

Create Admin Profile 

To create an Admin Profile, follow these steps:

  1. In the navigation panel, select the Add New Admin Profile icon. The "Admin Profile" page displays.
  2. Enter the Admin Profile name in the top field. Then, select the check boxes to Edit User Profiles and View User Profiles.  

  3. Select Save.    
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