Parameters 2.1.7 OnPremise Release Notes - November 2018


  • Showing ID in url when viewing a Parameter/Dataset
  • Ticket 17129: Feature Suggestion - Parameter selection UI in manual dataset creation.

Bug Fixes

  • Ticket 20942: Problem selecting parameter values inside a dataset when using a mouse. This is resolved.
  • Ticket 20584: If using a dataset to create a test run, a user's parameters will correctly populate in Manager. Previously, some datasets were not populating correctly.
  • Ticket 17047: PYTHON Parameters API: call parameters_api.api_v1_parameters_create_post(body) is returning parameter ID's but they are not showing in the UI. This is fixed.
  • Ticket 18276: Parameters API: search query is inconsistent on returning parameters. This issue is resolved.
  • Ticket 18716: Unable to archive and delete a parameter in qTest. This is fixed.
  • Ticket 19299: Dataset import - percentage & Questions
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