qTest Scenario 2.0.4-1 OnPremise 25 October 2018


Scenario Project in qTest API

Scenario 2.0.4-1 enhances Scenario services with the addition of a Scenario Project in the qTest API, These API endpoints will work with Pulse 9.1 which is also available in this OnPremise release.
You will need a Pulse 9.1 Constant for the following parameters, that you will enter in the Scenario Authorization API:

  • Scenario Project ID-this is found in Jira in your Scenario Configuration settings.
  • qTest API Token- this is found in the API & SDK section of the Download Resources page. You will include the Bearer Token string but without the preceding 'bearer' token type.
    For instructions on how to use the interactive Scenario API, read this article

    Note: LinkScenario Requirements and the Scenario Colors Pulse Rules changed with Pulse 9.1, therefore you cannot use these API's unless you also use qTest. 

Reverse Proxy Support

Scenario 2.0.4-1 provides reverse proxy support for Bitbucket Server instances by allowing a context path to be included inside repository URLs. 


Ticket 19581-We have increased the number of visible opensource project branches for Scenario settings in Jira. Previously, there was a limit of 10. 





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