Katalon Studio


Katalon Studio is a robust, cross-platform automation solution for Web, API and Mobile testing. Katalon provides simple deployment, easy kick-off with project templates and hundreds of keywords built-in.  It can support Windows, macOS, Linux and popular mobile and browser platforms. 

How to Integrate Katalon Studio to qTest Manager

There has been a specific version of Katalon designed to natively integrate with qTest Manager.  This allows automation teams to create, manage, and maintain their automated scripts within Katalon Studio and consolidate metrics back in qTest Manager.  

In addition to pass/fail metrics, screenshots, runtime, and error logs are also sent over into qTest Manager.

To see how to setup the integration, please refer to the article here

Download Katalon Studio

Windows 32 bit Download

Windows 64 bit Download

Mac Download

Linux Download


Is Katalon Studio included in my qTest subscription?

Katalon Studio's unique integration with qTest Manager is NOT included in your qTest subscription package.  It is a separate line item.  Please contact for inquiries around pricing and licensing. 

Will you charge for others integrations like JIRA, Jenkins, etc?

No, all other integrations come included in your licensing.  Katalon Studio is separate as it was created, developed, and maintained by KMS technologies.

If I have issues or questions with Katalon, how do I get support?

For any support related issues pertaining to the qTest integration, please reach out to  

For all other Katalon support related inquiries, please visit Katalon's support page here.

Can I request a demo of how the integration works with qTest Manager?

Yes, please send demo requests to 


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